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Jane Lynch

Estranged Wife Says

I Want More Money!

9/9/2013 10:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jane Lynch
and Dr. Lara Embry's "amicable" divorce just turned "unfriendly" ... because Embry is making a full-court press for Jane's bank accounts -- to the tune of $93,809 a month in spousal support!

In new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Embry says for the last 3 years, Jane's average monthly income has been $234,688.  Embry also says when she married Lynch, Jane told her she had $400,000 in her savings and 401K combined, and owned her home.

Embry says of her "Glee" wife, "Her income, investments and assets increased dramatically with her newfound acting success." 

Embry -- who says she wants Jane to support her in the lifestyle to which she gladly became accustomed -- says during their marriage Jane paid for everything, including lavish vacations.

Embry says she and Jane typically racked up $40k a month on their credit cards.

According to Embry's docs, she currently earns pennies, but still spends in the neighborhood of $40,900 per month -- including an average of $6,500 on clothes, $12,000 on entertainment/gifts/vacation, and $4,500 on eating out (hehe).

Sources tell us ... Jane is already providing Embry with support.  In fact, Embry and her daughter are living in the house Jane bought and Jane temporarily moved elsewhere.  But the house is a big sticking point.  Embry says they sunk $3 mil into the house for renovations and from the docs it seems she either wants the house or a 50% cut.

Sources tell us the couple did not have a prenup, which means assets acquired during the marriage will probably be split 50/50.

Jane filed to end her three-year marriage to Lara in July, citing "irreconcilable differences." The two first met in 2009 at a fundraiser in San Francisco. They were married a year later in Massachusetts.

Jane said recently the financial negotiations have been friendly, adding, "It's just money."  Right.



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Spousal support for what? She can't work.. Is she disabled by the hands of her ex partner? No!!! So spousal support for what... Get your bags.. Your things.. Your belongings.. And get on... That's what happens when you break up...

375 days ago


Equal rights can be a B !

375 days ago


first she says jane paid for everything, including vacations... next she says *they* paid $3 mil for upgrading their house, so she wants the whole thing or half? lmfao, well which one is it, jane paid for everything or not?
$93k per month, i swear these gold digging bitches should be ashamed of themselves...

375 days ago


Wait, isn't she a doctor? She's perfectly able to work & earn money. 93k a month, that's insane. I hope she gets zilch. Talk about greed.

375 days ago


Jane is such an intelligent woman.I am sure, out of love,she did not ask for pre-nup. A shame as the Dr. is demanding too much for a short term relationship. Gay or matter, but right is right and the Dr. has gotten enough out of respect, no doubt, for her daughter and they are still living at the house. Provide for yourself and your child.
A gay gold digger is a low life.....seems Ms. Lynch misjudged your character and she made a costly mistake. Good luck, finally mad it big and now a little person wont let go......

375 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Bitch is crazy. Spousal support after only 3 years marriage... lol

375 days ago


One pays the price when they enter into a Godless lifestyle. May God have mercy on thier souls.

375 days ago


Hows that hope and change working out for them...gotta laugh at the inane attempt to become relevant

375 days ago


Ha divorce has become a job now days.

375 days ago


Jane really feeling what guys go through. Sorry Jane. You're still cool in my book.

375 days ago


In the bottom picture I love love to see Jane sucking Lara's foot.

375 days ago


Sounds like to me she was a gold digger to start with, I think she loved Jane's bank account more than Jane.

375 days ago


You Want More Money? Go Earn It For Yourself Now! Your Meal Ticket Is Gone!

375 days ago


welcome to the hetro world.

375 days ago


Hey gay people, still want to get married? Yeah? Well, there are also consequences, like this crap. Enjoy!

375 days ago
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