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Lamar's 'Roommate'

Khloe Charged at Me

Like an 'Uncaged Animal'

9/9/2013 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom
's drug-induced paranoia, crack binging, and Khloe Kardashian's jealous rage -- the NBA star's ex "roommate" told the FULL STORY about her summer with Lamar ... and it's wild.

Polina Polonsky was on TMZ Live -- we posted an excerpt where she described Lamar completely unraveling in her L.A. apartment this summer ... smoking crack and becoming paranoid.

Now here's the full monty ... Polina talks about how Lamar practically began behaving like a toddler while living with her -- and how Khloe eventually barged in to her apartment in the middle of the night like an "uncaged animal."



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Shut up. You sound desperate. What kind of class of lawyer exposes this crap? They should raid her house and book her for harboring!

418 days ago


Polina is milking her 15 minutes of fame. She obviously has no moral skills or values. She was messing with a married man, and took complete advantage of an individual who was not of a clear mind because of his substance abuse. She thinks this is funny, however karma is going to be a real bitch when it's all said and done.

418 days ago


She looks like Michael Jackson.

418 days ago


I can't stand home wreckers khloe shoulda beat her a@&

418 days ago


What exactly does she practice! She can't even talk. What Law school did she attend? Give me a break. She couldn't even represent a turd in a wet paper bag. If that were my husband I would have been filing for a divorce the next day- since when does a married man shack up with a crack whore for the summer?. Neither of them are worth it!! Let them have each other. Next!

418 days ago


Where is the bar association? She gave client files to a crack user? He was not employed he has no attorney client priv with those clients and her giving this information to him may nullify her claim of privilege. Her aiding and assisting his drug use. Those poor people who think they have counsel.

418 days ago


This broads story is only half true maybe less. I would never sell out, but i was present during L's hiatus with Ms Polinsky, assisting with trying to get L into rehab. This broad is obviously not cutting it as an defense attny, shes a club whore, who happened to be friends with L's childhood bff. Hello Polina, nice picture your actually much uglier in person.

418 days ago


Nice friend... Some people will do anything for their 15mins

418 days ago


Polina the RIGHTEOUS needs to choose her friends carefully, granted there might be a shortage of single, nice men around her but WHY did she have to pick an addicted, sick, MARRIED MAN (one of the POWERFUL Kardashian family's puppet's)? or was it that "Birds of a feather flock together?"

418 days ago


Aw, did Carriejean overdose on her crackpipe? I've been watching this poster rip other people apart for their opinions and all of a sudden I see five pages of her back to back to back cut and paste posts. Can't wait till she comes in and accuses TMZ of multiple postings. Gotta love a poster that goes around on other threads and rips people a new a-hole for their opinions and she loses her mind on this thread. Hey, Carriejean, how about putting the crackpipe down and actually posting something INTELLIGENT....

418 days ago


Does being holed up with a crackhead then having him stay with her affect her law license in anyway?

418 days ago


The crack groupie lawyer has the crack twist mouth when she talks.. It is a tell tale sign, just like the nose things for coke heads. If she is a criminal lawyer, I would bet my next pay check she is defending crack dealers. Lamar is now out of control because he had the hotel and this girls house to suck that glass dick without consequence..

418 days ago


KLHOE, I hope you read these...You had no business marrying that man after knowing him for 4 weeks. Now that it is in the ****ter...DO NOT get back with him...If my husband put his naked dick in someone that looks as nasty and drugged out as that girl, he would never touch me again......GROSS, that is SO NASTY... Divirce him, his money can go to his kids,, the ones you stole him from anyways. KARMA

418 days ago


This girl is the perfect example of a crackwhore living a double-life. I bet she's fired within the next week...

418 days ago


Once again no proof whatso ever just some dumb cow waffling away

418 days ago
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