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Lamar Odom

'Roommate' Says ...

I Saw Him Do Crack

9/9/2013 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyer who lived with Lamar Odom for 6 weeks in June and July tells TMZ ... Lamar was doing crack in her apartment.

Polina Polonsky is a criminal defense lawyer who met Lamar in the Spring at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.  She told us on TMZ Live ... he was smoking crack and doing other drugs while he stayed with her ... but she says things really spun out-of-control when he moved out.

Polina tells us Lamar became paranoid while he lived with her ... taking the battery out of his phone because he felt he was being followed with the aid of a GPS device.  He also covered the smoke detectors with paper towels.

Polina says Khloe Kardashian came banging on the door in July, barged in, took charge and took Lamar out.  She received a text from Lamar shortly after he left, calling her a "groupie, junkie ... crack head."  She says she knows it wasn't Lamar who sent the text ... it was Khloe.

The entire interview will be on TMZ Live today ... which, by the way, debuts on all Fox-owned TV stations around the country.

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Wait till Kim's grand entrance back to the public eye! I can't wait for her upcoming Playboy issue! I'd order a copy for all my dolls ;)

410 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Sweet and gratz. but hey. how about telling us what time on FOX and all over the country or are you not telling us? Surprise?Hide and go seek?

410 days ago


I do not believe one word this woman is saying. As a Lawyer she is Obligated to inform any and all Law enforcement of Crimes being committed. Smoking crack would fall under that category, and she Alleges Lamar smoked in her Apartment. I bet this woman is a paid actor and not a defense attorney, who If Lamar actually Committed these offenses he might want to hire her if she was a real lawyer.

410 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

KarTrashians are tracking him and having him followed If I were Lamar Id go back to bang and stay at the hot lawyers house. Shes way better looking than the wookie

410 days ago


TMZ stop beating a dead horse

410 days ago


Leave this man alone what he does is hes business u guys are making it worse

410 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

TMZ.. New Product to sell in your TMZ store.
"I saw Lamar Smoking Crack"
Shirts and buttons, I'll expect a check :)

410 days ago

: - P    

Isn't she embarrassed that she's also admitting she's a CRACK WHORE?? She's acting like he's the only drug addict in the situation.

410 days ago


So how much did this story set you back TMZ... did you spit the bill with Kris? In my opinion, you wont let this bs go because you put the cart before the horse so you have spent the last few weeks trying to dig for evidence to prove your lies. Where is the exclusive from Khloe's roommate when she was allegedly abusing drugs? Where are the exclusives from KJ's buddies back when she was allegedly abusing drugs and cheating on Robert Kardashian? I'll wait...

410 days ago


Well!!! at least now evieryone will see who their source was all along, all of this stuff started coming out once this woman came forward and all of a sudden the whole crack story and and everything else started surfacing, so it is clear that she has been the source of all of these stories. I have one thing to say for her, as an officer of the court, she stayed in a home with someone that was breaking the law and then put it out in public when it served her purpose but not during the act, she should be disbarred, what type of attorney is she? she is admitting to being witness to a crime, over and over again and not reporting it. I hope TMZ paid her well because her a** is about to be out of any type of work, she cannot be trusted.

410 days ago



410 days ago


Can't blame him for being paranoid. I would be too if I was trapped in that family that has a reputation for lies and being fake all for money

410 days ago


they (the KKK klan) probably do track his cell and have him followed. how did khole know where to find him? now back to your end of the deal harvey, running sh** storm of propaganda against this guy, until his career/marriage/life is totally ruined. so when he really spirals out of control (or worse), you can be proud you played a huge part in it. and better yet you made money doing it. drug addicts (no real proof yet that he is) are ill, but you and the kardashians are evil and trash for doing what you are doing

410 days ago


she needs to go to rehab and shut the hell up. that's what a legit lawyer would tell her.

410 days ago

Vera in CA    

She's admitted to the CA state bar -- you can look up her, the firm she works for, etc. As a bar assoc member and an officer of the court she is going to be in real hot water over this. Anyone is welcome to file a complaint with the bar association over unethical behavior. I highly advise it!

410 days ago
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