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Lamar Odom

Wandering the Streets

at Night

9/9/2013 9:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0909_lamar_odom_late_night_wandering_launchA nocturnal Lamar Odom wandered the streets of Downtown L.A. just after midnight Monday ... returning home at 6:30 AM.

According to the photo agency that took the pictures, Odom hit up Wokano sushi restaurant shortly after midnight.  He stayed for only 5 minutes, according to the agency, and then meandered to a convenience store where he picked up a banana.

Odom returned to his downtown apartment building -- located about 1 mile from Skid Row -- then reemerged at 3:15AM, when he jumped into someone's car.

Odom returned again after 6AM ... presumably for some sleep.


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You know I'm not saying Lamarr isn't on crack never have.....but dam it so is everybody else involved in this Witch hunt on poor Lamar......Khloe was and probably could blow and sniff this man under the table....She until he cheated on her and embarrassed her in public was setting side by side and either doing it with him or watching him while he did it........So this saving Lamar is just like it sounds like pure Bullshyt.....
They, the Kardashion and there hired minions TMZ and ROL the major ones is this is the MAJOR REASON THIS MAN LOOKS LIKE HE'S ON HIS LAST Ounce of strength .....Hell you have endless stories hiting the stands or on on the net and TV about how horrible and worthless and are you would stop eatting and gulp as much cocaine as you could to ease the pain......and when and if the man dies....the world will point their fingers directly at Khloe and the Kardashions and TMZ for driving him to it....and don't say they are trying to help him if helping him is pushing his ass off a cliff then that's the only way they are helping him.....This has gone to far for any of you media and Kris Jenner and her baby whore to claim any resemblance of helping this is pure slow torture and the killing of Lamar Odem. !!!

375 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

So now no one can walk around freely in this country?
He's free from the wh0r3 lot he chained himself to...

375 days ago


Really??!! It's that private investigator KK hired!!!

375 days ago


Lamar was a druggie when he went to URI. Either nobody cared to notice until now or being involved with the Kardashians brought it back out of him

375 days ago


All of you moron posters that insist he is fine are insane!! You don't live in downtown a mile from skid row unless you are fairly tight on $$ OR you want to be near the drugs you are addicted to. You don't come and go at 2-3-4 in the morning by chance. I am 98% convinced he IS addicted and he will hit the wall again SOON. He will get busted hanging out with/smoking crack with some low life's SOON!! It's hard to be a drug addict AND a high profile celebrity at the same time? The fact that he IS high profile, he will be busted soon. He needs full-time rehab OR he will end up in jail within 30 days again. MARK MY WORDS.....I don't wish anything bad on him, I want him to get help ASAP and kick that nasty drug.

375 days ago


Yeah but he wasn't out doing drugs..

375 days ago

truth hurts    

Lamar, needs to get out of the lights of LALA Land and go to a place where he can heal in peace.

375 days ago


He looks so ill.

375 days ago


He hasn't looks this happy in years; he doesn't have that FEMALE SASQUATCH in tow....

375 days ago


" A hay hay hay! what's good yo? "

375 days ago


Hey Lamar,

If you see Nick Stahl or that Ed Furlong - tell those clowns they better pay up or else yo!

375 days ago


That man in that picture is in bad shape....yes he is...but its not all drugs that has put him in that position and shape.....yes I believe he is using drugs but something had to have pushed him over the control he has used over the years....and that something has a name...its called living the Kardashion life with Khloe "party girl groupie" his wife....They hooked this fish reeled him in and have used up every shred of control he had in his life.....and like Kris Humphries they now no longer need him so they will strip him of whatever money and life he has left put the blame on his shoulders and spit him out ..... My prayer is that he realizes how bad a shape he is and gets the hell out of the cesspool he is living in and checks in to a place that can help him somewhere in the middle of the nowhere were the Kardashions and the hired minions tracking dogs and Papz can't find or get to him.......that's about the only way this man will make it out of this alive.....
Lamar if you are reading this ..Think about this....
"You kill yourself and Khloe as your widow will get everything you have...and I cigarette she won't give your baby's a thing......Do you want that to happen to your children ? ......then get well and fight have the whole world backing you up.....Get help son you need it...

375 days ago


Lots of people out here love you Lamar, please get in treatment ASAP. If you won't do it for yourself do it for your kids...

375 days ago


Least we not forget.........HE'S MARRIED TO A KARDASHIAN....This family has taken him down, or more to the point, he has allowed this piece of garbage family to take him down reality TV and when they were done with him, gave him the door and now and bitch wife of his is laughing all over twitter.

375 days ago


Why isn't the journalists at TMZ did a story about the dealers who administers the drugs. Please follow these drugs dealers, interview them and take their pictures, let the world see who they are. Stop protecting these dealers TMZ.

375 days ago
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