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George Zimmerman

Police Chief Says

I Wouldn't Want to Be His Neighbor

9/9/2013 1:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One person is on record that George Zimmerman is not the guy you want as your next door neighbor ... the Chief of Police of Lake Mary, Florida.

Police Chief Steve Bracknell tells TMZ, he's frustrated Shellie Zimmerman changed her story. She now says George did not have his hand on a gun in a threatening manner while arguing with her father.

Chief Bracknell says of Zimmerman, "The guy just can't stay out of the news" -- referring to the Trayvon Martin killing, speeding tickets and now this.  Bracknell says, "You'd think he'd get the heck out of Dodge."

We're told Shellie recanted her story after talking to her lawyer. The Chief said because of her flip-flopping, "There was not enough to affect an arrest, unfortunately." 

Bracknell seems concerned that Zimmerman is bent on causing trouble, saying, "It's smoke, smoke smoke.  Is there a fire somewhere?  Lord knows." 

We asked him if he'd feel safe if Zimmerman was his next door neighbor.  The Chief was clear ... "I would not want to be the neighbor of George Zimmerman."


No Avatar

Matt m    

Teflon george nothing sticks to him. Awesome

357 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

earlier I said it was all BS from his wife trying to nab the money for herself. Money hungry wh**e.

357 days ago


Well, I hope the gun nuts in Florida are happy with their "hero". He certainly is costing them, (and the rest of Florida) a lot of money for law enforcement and judicial expenses. Lowlife murderer.

357 days ago


That's rough. LOL

357 days ago


Not only do I feel Uncomfortable living next door to George Zimmerman, But the Police department is not much better.

357 days ago


why did she call 911 then? these two people are playing the system

357 days ago

There's a problem here    

Fortunately/Unfortunately (depending on your spin) George is a wannabe with delusions of grandeur who can't avoid what's coming his way. If he is not stopped now he'll probably take out a white guy and then things will be different ... very, very different.

357 days ago


Stupid of her to back down, but then she hasn't shown herself to have any character. If she had a brain in her head and an ounce of class, she would have dumped him after he murdered Trayvon. I noticed on the 911 call, her dad tells her that george has a woman in his truck and she keeps saying omg. I wonder if she'll write a book now and tell what georgie boy is really like.

357 days ago


are all of the idiots who were supporting this idiot still commenting???

357 days ago


How many times did george the murderer call 911 over the past few years...mainly to report black guys "acting suspiciously". I hope he enjoyed being on the other end of it this time.

357 days ago


there is something about Shellie that doesn't seem right.

357 days ago


At least OJ stayed out of trouble after he was first acquitted. He got his ass out of LA and went to Miami and It took him 13 years to get arrested again. He's king bonehead too. This guy walks with no question that he did it and immediately finds himself constantly screwing up. Kinda like that day he didn't listen to the 911 operator. This is the guy that had all these rabid supporters...

357 days ago


She is worried about her money that's she is getting off this murderer. She talked to her lawyer, right there tells you the whole story

357 days ago


Zimmerman supporters won't be satisfied or convinced until he shoots a trailer trash Caucasian in "self defense". Stay tuned due time...

357 days ago


The DailyMail is saying the fight happened because Shelly found out George was having an affair. TMZ has been out scooped on the story.

357 days ago
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