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George Zimmerman


'Get on Your Knees!!!'

9/10/2013 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's like a scene out of "America's Most Wanted" -- cops swarmed George Zimmerman's car yesterday and ordered him to get down on his knees before handcuffing and detaining him ... all over a domestic dispute involving his estranged wife ... and the insane moment was caught on tape.

Lake Mary PD just released the dashcam footage to TMZ, showing a police cruiser careening down the street and coming to a stop about 50 yards away from George's car, parked outside the home he shared with his estranged wife ... before she filed for divorce.

It's all in the video ... police ordered George to get out of his vehicle, turn around, and get on his knees. George complied and he was immediately handcuffed.

As we reported, George's estranged wife Shellie called 911, claiming George had threatened her and her dad inside their home ... gesturing toward his gun. She also accused George of punching her dad in the face.

George was briefly detained for questioning following the incident, but Shellie eventually changed her story -- claiming no gun was ever involved -- and declined to press charges. George was eventually released without being arrested.


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david 183    

It's only a matter of time before he gets himself into another situation. Some people can't help themselves and he happens to be one of them.

373 days ago

lil me me    

Send him away so someone.can make him there bitch

373 days ago


Elisabelle must be a fat lying skank just like G's fat lying wife

373 days ago


How come Georgie didn't stand his ground?

373 days ago


Referring back to the trial, only God knows what really happened on that horrible night when a young boy lost his life and was unable to defend himself in court. Usually, there are two sides to a story, and, sometimes, three. George Zimmerman won his freedom, so why is he attracting negative attention by bumping into the law??? His wife made comments against him and yet, dropped the charges. What is her angle??? Perhaps someone can explain. Thanks!!!

373 days ago


I'd sue her large ass. I'm surprised George hung onto this large economy size woman to begin with. I would also have her Dad in court as well for playing along with this woman.

373 days ago



373 days ago


I'm sure she recanted because she's afraid of the guy! She knows he's a psychopath and wouldn't hesitate to kill her just like he did Trayvon. He was found "not guilty" but we all know he's a MURDERER!!!!

373 days ago


Enough already !!!!! For gods sake !!!!! We are an extremely sad society .... If only we paid this much attention to our kids .... Sick, sad and old already...

373 days ago


His ex just pulled this stunt because she wants to screw him over. She's already proved she's a lier, she should have been arrested for making a false report. George stay away from that worthless hoe.

373 days ago

BB not bb    

They made this arrest as confusing and humiliating as possible. These seem like the crooked evil kind of cops who work for an alternative agenda. There was no need to make him walk down the street backwards with his hands in the air and then just about tackle him after ordering him to his knees.

You can tell the police chief there has a personal dislike for him. He said that he wouldn't want him as a neighbor. I think someone buzzed in his ear and he just had his men go round up George. If there is no evidence and no one to press charges, this is looking like false arrest and imprisonment.

They want their scapegoat so bad. They want to make anyone who dares to defend themselves and their communities from black prowlers out to be a total criminal. It is very sad how crooked our justice system is any more. They always seem to double arrest this guy after he gets let go.

373 days ago


I hope to have many more years of watching scenes of old Georgie in predicaments like this until the final one that either takes his life or lands him in prison forever.
KARMA, little man.... karma.

373 days ago


What's ur excuse now white people

373 days ago


He is going to O.J. himself into prison.

373 days ago


He should get use to it, the guy should be in jail for life.

373 days ago
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