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Kanye West

Fires Back at Ray J

You're Lame and You Know It!

9/10/2013 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Kanye West decided it's finally time to destroy Ray J -- and last night he blasted his lady's sex tape partner on national TV ... going straight after Ray's manhood.

West made a surprise appearance on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" to perform his hit "Bound 2" -- but during the song, he changed some of the lyrics to attack Ray:

"Brandy’s little sister lame man he know it now ... When a real brother hold you down, you ‘sposed to drown."

We're guessing Kanye is finally responding to Ray's song, "I Hit It First" ... in which Ray bragged about bangin' Kim Kardashian before Kanye did.

But the best part of Kanye's attack ... the legendary Charlie Wilson punctuating the venomous lyrics with a "shabadabatweeetweeetweee"
It's awesome.


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Kim Kardashian was in charge of that sex tape and Ray J was just along "for the ride". So Kanye, does she still stank of Ray J's pi$$? Or are you just mad you can no longer taste his co@k when you kiss her?

406 days ago


Haters are always gonna hate, who cared who hit it first, how old are u? Just jealous probably, l think Kim and kanye are a good match. No matter how u say it, rich, self absorbed or whatever, they deserve happiness. Good luck

406 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

So Kanye will beat the snot out of a pap but will go thru all of this because of Ray J? Seriously? Damn, Dawg. You must be lacking in the "man area" to care so much. You knocked the hooka up so why care so much? That little bit of respect I had left for you is now gone. You should have let it go. You're worth a bazillian dollars and let this guy get to you. Such a shame. You just lost the battle and the war.

406 days ago


and last night he blasted his wife's sex tape partner on national TV ... going straight after Ray's manhood.

When did they get married?

406 days ago


PLEASE... Gay Fish is reaching here... Ray J's song sucked ... but THIS the song is WORSE... not to mention the "response" was pathetic! And Giiiirl... keep the skirt in your "closet" you're so tragic that even The Gay's are embarrassed of you!!!

406 days ago


"Destroys Ray J" LMFAO hardly KMZ. It took him months to come up with a lame change of lyrics to his craptastic song. EPIC FAIL . . Now how about you address the real issue of Kanye's cross dressing! WTF is he wearing?

406 days ago


I wish both would disappear forever.

406 days ago

OH NO!    

Sloppy seconds, thirds, and fourths. Just another in a long line of guys who dropped baby batter in Kim's polluted holes.

406 days ago


Were Kanye's lyrics written by a third grader?

406 days ago


OK Kanye,

Make a sex tape yourself + pee all over Kim too especially her face since you are so jealous of Ray J's urination.

406 days ago

Fred Thompson    

Anyone that makes fun of Kanye is awesome. He is nothing more than a racist with delusions of grandeur - and for the record "I Hit It First" is a much more catchy song than Kanye blathering on while some music plays in the background.

406 days ago


Best song on the album. Love that song.

406 days ago


Who is the other man, who can actually sing? He had to support Kanye, through his BORING, unentertaining rant. Kanye is such a flake. How do these people manage to get rich anyway??

406 days ago


Great artists and great performers?

Great people in general?

Can take 17 shots that'd lay anyone else out.

Make ART out of the chaos, drama, hell.

Kanye's performance, plus his supporting cast?

... Electrifying.

The Electrification of a prime-time audience.

Only wish I coulda been der.

Jimmy Fallon was born to do this.

Instinctively knows who to call, who to get, what to do -

Kanye just explodes in this - it's incredible.

Much love, brother -

Thanks for setting such a good example.

Showing us, demonstrating...

Time and time again.

HOW to create Art.

I'm blown-away, in awe of this.

Inspired, and at a time when I need inspiration.

406 days ago


Kayne would know better about being lame more than anyone.

406 days ago
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