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Kendall Jenner

Driving While Fame Whoring

9/10/2013 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kendall Jenner could end up killing herself or someone else on the road if she keeps dancing and singing into a video camera ... WHILE SHE'S DRIVING!!

Kendall -- the older, clearly-not-wiser Jenner chick -- was tooling around in her Range Rover yesterday and mugging into a camera while she was behind the wheel ... barely keeping her eyes on the road. She later posted the video on social media.

Here's the thing ... it's a dumb, dangerous, reckless move for any teenager (or person for that matter) to do while driving.  

This seems especially stupid because Kendall's little sis Kylie wrecked her SUV 2 weeks ago in an accident she admitted causing.


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When she does kill somebody as she is under the influence of stupidest, then this video can be used against her in a court of law.

411 days ago


Hopefully when she eventually does crash, she only kills herself (and hopefully take another Kardashian with her along the way) and doesn't hurt another, normal human being.

411 days ago


411 days ago


LESS KARDASHIAN crap and a little more "entertainment" news, please.

411 days ago


She hits a 1% biker = no more Jenner Kardashian family.

411 days ago


These girls are entitled little brats.

411 days ago


One way or the other?

Paps are gonna get you.

If you shine them on, walk by them?

Smile in their face?

They record your driving behavior.

Now they're traffic cops -

So far this week they've cited Gwyneth/Kendall.

Hey, if you can't BE one (a celeb).

Do your best trying to take one DOWN ...

411 days ago


This is evidence that no one is watching their tv show anymore. Now they have to post things on social media to get your attention. Because I'm sure the younger sisters were looking forward to their golden shower debut being leaked.

411 days ago


Dumb little privedged bitch

411 days ago


Dumb ass.

411 days ago


I think I understand Pap-anonymity now.

If I'm right, because I've been trying to understand.

An agency offers TMZ clips.

There are a number of agencies.

I think a place called Pacific is the biggest.
(deploys the sleaziest Paps)

Harvey, or Harvey's chosen few?

Decide to buy, run, write, etc.

Fees are negotiated.

I'm thinking Harvey gets top price because he's big.

Now it's important these Paps only have their voices heard.

As they tag along, follow, harass.

Cuz if we know the NAME of the one who sent this to Pacific who offered it to TMZ?

Then a famous family has the guy's actual name.

Rich, famous people can do a LOT with that.

So the Gwyneth pap from yesterday?

Who shot G.P. on a Vespa at her kid's school?

CAN'T be known -

Cuz then Gwyneth and her famous husband.

Go to the school.

Press the school to out the guy - get rid of him -

Have HIM cited for being around.

Have HIM harassed.

So it's all very hush-hush who these guys are, where they live, what they drive.

We only learn names when they file police reports and sue - I'm guessing that's the end of the line for them - one final pay-day and they're outta here.

It's pretty interesting if I'm even CLOSE to being right - sleazy but interesting.

Kind of like the porn business -

People in the end/closing credits like:

"Jack Azz."

411 days ago


Comeon TMZ I know people hate these kids, but cant you at least wait till she's 18 to be adding words like "Whore" to posts about her..She is still legally a child.

411 days ago


We had an apartment manager once - in Hollywood.

Hilarious guy - always acting the apartment manager.

Sneaking into people's apartments when they worked - always with a wrench or bucket.

Like it was previously approved.

In the event other tenants became suspicious.

You'd always be missing things like money.

Knew where everyone's "change jar" was, etc.

The hotters girls'd come home?

To find he'd gone through their lingerie drawer.

Missing panties, etc.

Turned out he'd done a dime at Folsom.

For confidence crimes including forgery, embezzlement, credit card fraud.

That's what some of the more egregious paps remind me of -

'Ol Clyde.

Praise God for killing him - as Clyde needed to die and as quickly as possible.

That's why paps need the anonymity - they don't their previous "credits" published.

Like the dimes THEY'VE done - at Folsom.

411 days ago

Really? Nevermind,...    

Is it not illegal to use your cell while driving? Or only in certain states?

411 days ago


zzzzzz What's one less Kardashian

411 days ago
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