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Kendall Jenner

Driving While Fame Whoring

9/10/2013 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kendall Jenner could end up killing herself or someone else on the road if she keeps dancing and singing into a video camera ... WHILE SHE'S DRIVING!!

Kendall -- the older, clearly-not-wiser Jenner chick -- was tooling around in her Range Rover yesterday and mugging into a camera while she was behind the wheel ... barely keeping her eyes on the road. She later posted the video on social media.

Here's the thing ... it's a dumb, dangerous, reckless move for any teenager (or person for that matter) to do while driving.  

This seems especially stupid because Kendall's little sis Kylie wrecked her SUV 2 weeks ago in an accident she admitted causing.


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Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

I read that this stupid, stupid moron Kindle is now friends with little Hannah Banana Anderson, and they're going to appear on the Kockroachian show together and get into all kinds of hijinks. Remember Anderson? She killed her mother and brother and dog, and was screwing her Uncle Bill before he got killed too? That should get the ratings up....

370 days ago


WHY doesn't that idiot FATHER of hers TAKE THE KEYS, THE CODES, THE VEHICLE AWAY from her?
She is a ticking time bomb. She should be punished for not driving responsible. You have enough money Bruce in the bank to hire a car and driver. Let them take them where ever they want to go. TOO BAD they are not in school and stay focused to go to college. WORK WORK WORK MAKE MONEY MO MONEY MO MONEY! Is the money they already have piled up high, NOT ENOUGH? KRIS, it will be too late when Kylie or Kendall dies in an accident due to making social media videos and or kills someone else. You will hire 100 lawyers to keep her out of jail. And a million reasons why she shouldn't go to jail because she is a Kardashian, OOPS, I mean, the Karadashians little half sister. Im getting a headache from all this mess.

370 days ago


That was cool.

370 days ago


She's pretty but she's a dumb ass...

370 days ago


Come on TMZ! This was NOT done yesterday! I saw this DAYS ago! I believe media takeout had it or one of the other gossip sites!

370 days ago


Just Plain STUPID! And I thought she was the Smartest out of them ALL!

370 days ago


Gee, Kendall- look how much the public loathes you already! You must be doing it right. Too bad you don't know any better. Like right from wrong etc.

370 days ago


Thankful she didn't kill or injure someone with her SERIOUSLY IRRESPONSIBLE behavior!! TMZ posted a comment from a viewer that Kris will find a way to "sell the video" and I agree!! That family will do anything for money and fame!! Disgusting!!

370 days ago


And we are still talking about this piece of white trash BECAUSE??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

370 days ago


I think it's a cute video, but she coulda been driving anywhere, parking lot, her drive way, highway shouldn't just assume its her being completely reckless, looked alright to me. As a parent I wouldn't ground her or anything but would just talk to her

370 days ago


I Would Not Feel Sorry For Her if ended up in a ditch , looser just that fxxx stupid family of hers they all make me one name that fits them pimping whores

370 days ago


This chick is a real idiot.

370 days ago

Derek Vickers    

Attn.... State of California.... suspend her friggin licence.... PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

370 days ago


She's definitely driving, although she may have set the phone up so she didn't need to hold it, so she couldn't be arrested. I know she's been raised by wolves- but if I were her parent and saw this, I would take away the license and the keys for a while. Very unsafe. I also would never have given her or her sister those vehicles (or let them drive at all) without having them sign a contract specifying how they had to behave while driving: never under the influence of drugs/alcohol, never when sleep-deprived, never text or use the phone while driving, no idiot videos like this, etc. Distractions like this are dangerous for anybody but especially for a young driver. Violate the contract, lose the car keys and the license. This makes me wonder if her younger sister was doing something equally stupid when she caused an accident recently. I would suggest a check of phone records would be in order, if those wolves who are raising her had a clue.

370 days ago


This reminds me of the scene in the movie "The bling ring". The girl is doing exactly this and all of the sudden gets smashed on the drivers side by another car. Really scary.

370 days ago
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