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Lamar Odom

Group Therapy

At Apt Building with Fans

9/10/2013 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom
is getting a ton of support from fans in downtown L.A. ... where he kept up his strange nocturnal movements Monday night.

We spotted Lamar in his black track suit just after 10 PM in the the lobby of the apartment building where he's now living -- and he was posing for photos with several fans.

Lamar posed for photos with at least 3 fans -- including a middle-aged woman and her family -- before making an exit through the building's parking garage.

Lamar's been seen multiple times in the last few days wandering near the building late at night -- and sure isn't, outwardly anyway, acting like a guy in the grips of a serious crack addiction.

Not to mention being right on the verge of destroying his NBA career, and his marriage to Khloe Kardashian.

Smile and the whole world smiles with you?


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No Avatar


In order to push the TMZ SPORTS agenda we will stretch EACH and EVERY "EXCLUSIVE"...


408 days ago


WHY does Dailymail.com have current photos/activities of the K. females, & TMZ is FIXATED on LAMAR ONLY?? There is something so fishy about all of this.TMZ continues to protect the K.s from any public scrutiny. What's really going on TMZ? Of course there will be no response~

408 days ago


Still hammering away with your little ball peen Hammer ain't ya.....TMZ !.......Won't quit till you have driven the last nail into his coffin....
TMZ now stands for" Hollywood Hyena's "they will stalk you and trail you till you die then they will tear you apart before your body even gets cold.....and Lamar is their latest target......and their Keeper Harvey Levin and his keepers Warner sits back and counts the money that comes in from it all.....
Such a Happy Bunch of Vultures are ya !!!
But make sure your Hyena's leave the heart ....Khloe wants that to piece of him to eat herself....

408 days ago


KIM has ditched the kid already & is out acting silly with the K rats.( Nannies rule). KANYE in New York with "the stylist", o la la. TMZ publishes none of those photos/stories. Crooked much TMZ? Was Harvey "in bed",with K.J in the past?

408 days ago


He looks hella glad that he doesn't have to DRAG Khloe with him EVERYWHERE. What a weight that's been lifted. This man may do drugs, but he is no way addicted. His attire tells you he cares. He just wants Khloe to go away. She seemed to be real clingy. The name Lamy on national tv was the last straw. She embarrassed the man in front of the world with that nonsense. And to make matters worse, she did in in baby talk! And by the way, I think she is posting all those selfies in hopes that Lamar wants her back. NOT!!!!

408 days ago


He looks sucked up....get help Lamar!!!

408 days ago


Enough with the Lamar stories! Ugh!!! There is absolutely nothing to report! Basically all your stories are the same - "Lamar does nothing unusual but we're gonna try and make a big deal out of it". So weird.

408 days ago


When do these non stories stop? The truth is Kris Jenner made sure Kim and Klhoe got with men who will have to pay them lots of money for many years thus ensuring she will always be able to afford the lifestyle she ha s always craved. No matter what.

408 days ago


Ok first Lamar has always been nocturnal, he has trouble sleeping and has always said that. Second didn't the man lose his DL? So he has to walk (he is athletic I'm sure walking is no big deal) or get a can. Then the person who drove the cab would sell a story to tmz saying he took him to skid row, or something stupid like that. And finally, this is America, almost everyone does or takes drugs here, this man might do drugs but he seems like a recreational user not a crack head dope fiend

408 days ago


Biggest mistake of his life was getting involved with the Kardashian family. Kris is a soul sucker that is only interested in making money no matter whose life she has to ruin. It is pretty sad but completely obvious!!

408 days ago


KIM will pose naked for cash- but no "wholesome" Mommy, baby photos??
Where are photos of the happy, new family??
There has not been one photo of Mom,Dad & baby (together)~ because there apparently is no" family~" just show biz~

408 days ago


Dude does not look healthy at all. Crack/Cocain addicts can't sleep, hence the nightime activity. If I were Khloe, I would just give this man his freedom and let him flush his life right down the toilet. Khloe is in no way responsible for his demise. He did this to himself. If anything, I fault her for being an enabler for the last two years by trying to hide the fact that he used drugs and that is indirectly. Yes he is a nice enough guy but he has a serious addiction problem that started way before he and Khloe got married. Ask his friend and fellow druggie Jamie.

408 days ago


Something smells really funky about this whole story.
"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." ~Kris Jenner

408 days ago


God, Lamar is such a tool. If he's up that late, why don't you go practice so you can actually contribute to a team (if one is dumb enough to pick you up)?

408 days ago


All over entertainment sites yesterday - the end of their show in 2015 when contract is up. Not ONE WORD in TMZ.

408 days ago
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