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Lamar Odom

Sued Over Pap Confrontation

9/10/2013 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom
has just been sued by the photog whose equipment the NBA star trashed on the street back in July ... and the pap is partly blaming Kanye West for Lamar's outburst, TMZ has learned.

Stefan Saad filed the lawsuit, claiming the NBA star assaulted him and destroyed more than $15,000 worth of camera equipment during the attack in the middle of a Hollywood street ...all in an effort to avoid negative press.

The lawsuit trashes the Kardashians and Lamar with gems like this -- "The Kardashian clan has apparently come to believe that it is above the law, and has some exceptional privilege to disregard the rights of others."

The lawsuit goes on "The Kardashian clan are not only wealthy and attractive -- but also deeply flawed."

As we reported, Lamar blew a gasket after the pap peppered him with questions about cheating on Khloe, opening Saad's car and tossing all his gear onto the pavement, including expensive camera equipment.

Lamar then took a bundle of the photog's crap, placing it in his own car. The entire incident was caught on tape.

According to Stefan's lawsuit, Lamar feels like he's "above the law" because he's married to a Kardashian sister. Stefan even believes Kanye West had a hand in all this, claiming the rapper (who's dating Kim) advised him on how to deal with paparazzi in a Kanye fashion.

Stefan is suing for assault, conversion (stealing property), and trespass of property, demanding in excess of $565,000 ... not including punitive damages.


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nipples mugee    

Lawsuit blah blah blah , crack cocaine blah blah blah . What ever happened to the rapper that stepped on he flag?

410 days ago


TMZ Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeese stop with this ugly Odom guy. Let it go....Why do we have to be subect to hearing about this loser every day.....GIVE IT A REST...NOBODY CARES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

410 days ago


Ummm how is he blaming Kanye, when Kanye's incident was after Lamar's LOL!! these papz are a joke, someone is going to really beat one of their a**

410 days ago


565,000? h*s lazy a** better go get a real job and stop stalking people, for that, Lamar should have whopped his a** within an inch of his life.

410 days ago


good to see 565k will go in a working mans pocket and not another kardashians pocket. the only reason khloe wont file divorce as she knows lamar run from her and marriage over is because her own net worth of 11 million isnt enough..she want a crack baby from lamar to secure 18 years of his income cus she cant divorce a guy never with her cus she so dam poor and broke and been dying al year to have lamars crack baby for that child support..

410 days ago


Damn TMZ your paps are just too dumb. How are you gonna be up in someones business and not expect something to happen? Then to try and add Kanye to the mix thats just being dumb and money hungry. No wonder nobody likes paps their just as sleazy and scandolous.

410 days ago


guess only kanye can afford to buy 850k gold toilets for kims bowel movements. khloe have to settle for porciiin or ceramic toilets

410 days ago


Old news, who cares

410 days ago


Hey, Government of America, stop travelling abroad to save other people, if you are not even going to save your own. Half your damn country is addicted to chemical drugs, from every age group.

410 days ago


I do believe they saw west behave in this manner with paps and decided to do same. in that week west was going off on paps, then lamar and finally bruce screaming at the paps telling them to leave he and his family alone, then giving them giving them the finger. it is funny because paps made them famous, after sex tape. without the paps (and RJ sex tape) no one would care about these people. so thank RJ and paps for kards. ahousehold name

410 days ago


Screw the k klan

410 days ago


Lord WOULD YOU PLESAE JUST LEAVE THIS MAN ALONE!!! pimp mamma kris really and truly is the devil...I hope I never cross paths with her, their is not enough rosaries and holy water to protect me...THIS PIMP OF A MOTHER IS NOT EVEN HUMAN PEOPLE..ALL SHE DOES IS PUBLICLY CASTRATE MEN...SHE NEEDS TO LEAVE LAMAR ALONE, he does not want to be associated with this vile, demonic family.

410 days ago


Great way to make a quick buck - get in rich celebrity's face asking personal questions with a camera to their face recording everything and if they react, sue them for a lot of $.

410 days ago


Cali loves you Lamar! Hope to see the K fam turn into the Hogans ASAP!

410 days ago


And I will bet you with almost pure certainty that the trail would lead you straight back to Kris Jenner and her Destroy Lamar Odem career
wrecking machine....Wonder how much she is paying him to sue...? and Is it more then what she payed the hooker lawyer to tell her tale of woe......This is all two dam coincidental to be just random... ...This is pure hate and evil working her folks ...and its name is Kris Jenner and the Kardashion Clan...

410 days ago
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