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George Zimmerman

Alleged iPad Smashing

Caught On Video

9/11/2013 7:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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New footage has surfaced appearing to show the moment George Zimmerman "smashed" an iPad that may contain proof he punched his father-in-law during an alleged altercation last week.

The footage was captured on a home security system moments after the alleged altercation at the Florida rental home where George and Shellie Zimmerman had been living.

Shellie told a 911 operator George took a pocket knife to the iPad and then smashed it ... and the video appears to back up the story.

While you can't actually make out a pocket knife in the footage, it's obvious George is finagling with the device ... before he tosses it on the ground.

Shellie recovers the iPad moments later.

After the incident, Shellie turned the iPad over to cops -- and they're confident they can recover any footage that was stored in the device, but acknowledge it was pretty badly damaged.

As we previously reported, Shellie initially told the 911 operator George was threatening the family with a gun ... but she later recanted her story and police say they've seen no evidence George ever had a gun.


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Get with it TMZ, stop reporting on non-stories. Zimmerman was not arrested, so let it go already. Also, who in TMZ is munching on those Kardashian pigs ? TMZ gives them way to much press time, idiots.

318 days ago


That weakling actually has enough strength to smash an Ipad. Well that's simply unbelievable!

318 days ago


Is that Georgie Porgie dressed and posturing like a gangsta?

318 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

If GZ goes to jail, her spousal support payments will dry up fast. I'm betting that her attorney told her to change the story and drop the charges if she wants to see ANY money because the money will stop if he's thrown back in jail and has to pay more attorney fees.

He clearly has anger issues. If he tossed the iPad or threw it, doesn't matter. It wasn't his property. Plus he punched the father in-law in the face. Dude has issues.

318 days ago


People will believe anything I'm so glad I have a mind of my own...

318 days ago


He is a murderer, and his bad deeds will catch up to him. He thinks he is in untouchable. He is not, the man belongs in prison, he'll get there soon enough just like OJ.!!!

318 days ago

arale norimaki    

😱The only åsshøle that alway get a way is you George😱

Keep in mind that george zimmerman was involved in a bitter domestic violence incident with his ex-fiancee, Veronica Zuazo. Zimmerman attacked her while the two were driving to a counseling session Zimmerman became enraged that she had come home late. They wrestled and he threw her on the bed, smacking her

Zimmerman followed a man in his car until the police arrived. Daniel Osmun, the other driver, told police that Zimmerman was tailgating and that he spit his gum out the window "out of frustration.

In 2005, Zimmerman was arrested and charged with "resisting officer with violence" and "battery of law enforcement officer." Both these felonies are considered third-degree. Due to his desperate attempts, the charges were reduced to "resisting officer without violence" a

zimmerman work as security He was fired for being too aggressive with patrons. He picked up and threw a women. It was pure rage. She twisted her ankle.

At an emergency homeowner’s association meeting on March 1,2012 “one man was escorted out because he openly expressed his frustration because he had previously contacted the Sanford Police Department about Zimmerman approaching him and even coming to his home,” the resident wrote in an email to HuffPost. “It was also made known that there had been several complaints about George Zimmerman and his tactics" in his neighborhood watch captain role.””

318 days ago


you know the smart person, hell even the average person knows, when you are given a "get out of jail free card" for killing someone it's time to avoid the spotlight and trouble. this last incident is one of several since he got the free pass.
no matter how you look at it, he killed someone, that is not up for debate. whether or not it was justified has been debated and he got off.
personally I think if you kill someone, you better be half dead yourself to justify killing someone else. not just a few almost invisable marks.
the guys is a mental midget, he seems to think he's now untouchable. someone needs to remind him, double jeopardy is only in effect for that one murder charge, not for any charges he's gotten into since. also his current actions will reflect poorly for the other cases he's involved with, and not paying his lawyer isn't making him a person of good standing.
you got your one freepass from jail, stop being an idiot about it.

318 days ago


***** ass bitch!!

318 days ago


Who were all the other people in the video? Was the huge guy there to referee? George has mental issues that are going to be his undoing, one way or another. Hope his supporters enjoy the downward spiral that will show everyone what a pathetic loser he is.

318 days ago


But wait! Remember George couldn't of been the aggressor he is to fat and weak according to his attorneys. Smh

318 days ago


Its about the 30 second advertisement.. these need to go!! I won't sit through it.

318 days ago


The problem is TMZ you don't have all the facts. The police gave a report today that said, " the reason George broke the iPad was because Shelli was using it to hit him in the back!" Shelli Zimmerman also told 911 that she & her father were threatened with a gun. Police & 4 other witnesses saw no gun. One may have been in the truck, but she was not threatened with a gun. As far as her dad... Shelli told 911 her dad was punched in the nose. EMS looked him over, no cut. That's why the dad didn't press charges. Shelli is mad only because George has a new girlfriend. That girl was in his truck. Divorces can be messy & ugly, but c'mon just because some of y'all don't like him because you think he should be in jail, isn't fair. He had his day in court, he had a jury of his peers, he presented his case, and they acquitted him. Get over it and move on. I'll just suggest that maybe you should have ALL the facts before you make a judgement call on whose lying & what their motives are. Police even said, " it may be Shellie that gets arrested if they find evidence she made a false report, it's not that far fetched to believe she didn't, she has before and that's why she's currently on probation.

318 days ago


Those of you calling this man a hero are a disgrace to the American flag. The true heros are the men and women that fought and died for our freedom you ignorant fools. This depraved psychopath is nothing shirt of a coward, a bully, and a murderer that shot supposed " thug" , lest we not forget he followed him despite the fact the 911 operator told him NOT to ANF knowing that Trayvon was ARMED with the sidewalk. His day is coming, and when it does I am going to celebrate. He's a douche bag and should have gotten the death penalty but I'll settle for time in prison.

318 days ago


Zimmerman's lawyer, O'Mara, said on CNN last nite that: "The gun was holstered under his shirt, and it stayed there the whole time." He also said that when he touched the spot where the gun was, it was to make sure the gun hadn't moved. Shellie & her Dad, knowing he carries a gun there, rightfully took that as a threatening gesture. Now I am not defending her or her dad ftm. They both supported this creep after he murdered Trayvon and kept their mouths shut. I wouldn't be surprised if she now writes a tell all to get even with him. I read somewhere else that they had broken up on the day he shot Trayvon. He must be a real a**hole to live with.

318 days ago
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