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George Zimmerman

Alleged iPad Smashing

Caught On Video

9/11/2013 7:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


New footage has surfaced appearing to show the moment George Zimmerman "smashed" an iPad that may contain proof he punched his father-in-law during an alleged altercation last week.

The footage was captured on a home security system moments after the alleged altercation at the Florida rental home where George and Shellie Zimmerman had been living.

Shellie told a 911 operator George took a pocket knife to the iPad and then smashed it ... and the video appears to back up the story.

While you can't actually make out a pocket knife in the footage, it's obvious George is finagling with the device ... before he tosses it on the ground.

Shellie recovers the iPad moments later.

After the incident, Shellie turned the iPad over to cops -- and they're confident they can recover any footage that was stored in the device, but acknowledge it was pretty badly damaged.

As we previously reported, Shellie initially told the 911 operator George was threatening the family with a gun ... but she later recanted her story and police say they've seen no evidence George ever had a gun.


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All I see are a bunch of DESPERATE Obama dupes. Make up another story now. It's all ya got. Team George Z.

385 days ago


George Zimmerman "smashed" an iPad that may contain proof he punched his father-in-law........................I HEAR SOME BLACK POLICE OFFICERS ARE DYING TO MEET HIM

385 days ago


I can't wait til his a** goes to jail and get a taste of some prison justice

385 days ago


I can still remember seeing George Zimmerman during the trial evidence re-played - sitting in the police station stating the night he killed the kid: you know – I have a wife at home and we have had all this crime telling the police they come out something several cars but they always get away when it turns out George was concealing that his wife left because they were fighting and was staying with her father and no doubt angry at the time he killed the kid. It was also claimed during the trial that George despite his self-defense fighting classes did not know how to fight he was a softie.

385 days ago


Shellie Zimmerman just admitted to lying for George Zimmerman said she knew at the time lying was wrong and needs to own up to her lying and turns around days later and lies again for George.

385 days ago



1. Mrs. Z makes a call to the police, making allegations that Mr. Z is engaging in criminal activity, which activity as described by the complainant, Mrs. Z - would give rise to state misdemeanor and/or felony charges against Mr. Z. Mrs. Z was able to capture such activity of Mr. Z on an electronic device. However, as Mr. Z is able to physically HEAR Mrs. Z make the call to police - Mr. Z then smashes, destroys or renders inoperable, the device on which Mrs. Z captured Mr. Z's criminal behavior.

ANALYSIS: Mr. Z should be charged, at a minimum, with (i) OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE and/or (ii) CRIMINAL DAMAGE TO PROPERTY or BOTH.

As Mr. Z and Mrs. Z had already [very publicly] separated the week before, it doesn't matter WHO paid for it - the pad was currently in Mrs. Z's possession and control - and Mr. Z taking it and smashing it, with the specific intent on HIDING a crime he had just committed, gives rise to the findings of probably cause in both instances.

NOW - if the prosecutor in charge reads this, and grabs the local state statute books and does some quick research - within 48 hours from now the headlines will read:


385 days ago

Bobo Frog    

He was clearly trying to open up the iPad with his knife to damage the inside because he doesn't want the truth in this domestic abuse case coming out. Truth is George's enemy.

385 days ago

Truth Be Told    

FYI: Just so everyone knows - There is someone who is cloning me (and a lot of other people) and is posting on all the boards.

385 days ago

Truth Be Told    

FYI: Just so everyone knows - There is someone who is cloning me (and a lot of other people) and is posting on all the boards. If you don't believe me - click on his avatar and then mine you will see for yourself. This person steals other people's avatar's and nick names then hides behind a proxy server and posts on all the boards. Beware: This person may very easily clone you also! So Heads Up!!

385 days ago


He destroyed the iPad in cold-blood the same way he shot Trayvon in cold-blood. No mercy.

Even Shellie knows her husband is a MURDERER.

GZ: "Step closer. Step closer."

Dispatcher: Step closer and what?
Shellie: And he's going to shoot us.

384 days ago


He threw it towards the grass you idiots no smashing there at all and travon Martin was shot because he didn't know how to talk like a human he talked like a getto thug and a dead thug is a good thug,

384 days ago


Tmz is always bent on defammating innocent people even after not guilty verdict. How's that? Why continue making out a false story other than what was descibed to the jury. And what makes it so bad is you TMZ know well when a person is not guity and you keep cutting him out to be other than the truth. Why are YOU TMZ so bend with defense when it comes to blacks? Especially when YOU TMZ print ugly slaunder against an innocent party only because the party was involved with a black and was deemed NOT GUILTY given the facts presented to the District Attorney and the Jury. Stop trying to slaunder nor defammate people that are deemed innocent by the courts. Remember the freedom of the press dosen't exempt you from a major law suit. And lighten up on the defense thing you have for blacks when it comes to ANYTHING. Wow!

376 days ago
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