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Lamar Odom

Buys Popular Ingredient for

Homemade Crack Pipes

9/11/2013 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0910-lamar-odom-akmOminous sign for Lamar Odom's battle with drug addiction -- he scooped up a household cleaning product that doubles as a vital part of homemade crack pipes ... and TMZ has the photos.

Lamar and his driver walked out of a San Fernando Valley pharmacy on Tuesday with a bag full of items ... most notably ... Chore Boy copper scrubbing pads.

0910-lamar-chore-akmHow commonly are the pads used for drug abuse? Type it into Google ... and "crack" is the first auto-fill topic besides the product name. Also, Forbes magazine wrote an article about its use as a filter in makeshift crack pipes.

Oh, and Urban Dictionary defines it like this: "Brand name of scouring pad used also by people smoking crack to retain some of the cocaine vapors."

According to the photo agency that snapped the pics ... Lamar made the conspicuous purchase shortly after meeting Khloe Kardashian's assistant to pick up some clothes. We're told the pharmacy is near the house where he used to live with Khloe.

As TMZ first told you, multiple people in Lamar's life -- like his estranged wife -- are saying he desperately needs to get in to rehab for many addictions, especially crack.

So, it's possible the NBA star had some kitchen cleaning to do, but we gotta ask ...


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No Avatar


And he made sure someone was there to take photos. Just another PR stunt by the kartrashypigs.

374 days ago

Jeri Blair    

Why else would be buy them? He's going to to some cleaning?!

374 days ago


funny copper pads are the only ones I use.......................................................................................................to scrub my copper bottom pots and pans....LOL .....
so if this proves he's a crack head then I better be on the lookout for the sheriff and his drug team cause they will be bustin in any minute now looking for my meth lab.........I bought cleaning supplies yesterday for fall cleaning weekend....you know clorax and ammonia... and windex and copper pads and wax and Pine Sol and ... "Gulp" better start a big pot of coffee cause they will want one after tracking up my hill..........

374 days ago


When was the last time you saw a female Kardashian onTMZ? Easier to throw the men under the bus & not ruffles Kobra Queen's feathers.

374 days ago


To everyone saying he's not a crackhead because you buy scrubbing pads too...the difference is YOU don't live in a hotel...you have a house and pans to clean. I doubt he's offering to scrub the dishes at all of the restaurants he's been eating at. And if he was doing it as a publicity stunt he would be carrying the bag himself. He obviously has a problem and family history of serious addiction.

374 days ago

Ricardo Marquez    

TMZ's sorry azz writers again

374 days ago


Really how dump would you have to be to go to the store and buy these pads when you know that every street pap and Harvey Levin;s stalker paps are right outside the front door and are goina follow you and take pics. Why even a brain burnt to a cinder addict would know better. Now he is either playing the paps or this was something else cause He ain't that stupid.......as for him being skinny .....sorry he's just lost a little weight ...from not working out and playing ball....Oh I believe he is on something just like about every body else in the entertainment industry and sports and like his wife who is a druggie herself.....

374 days ago


i only see some white guy with a bag of chore boy.... not lamar? so how is this related????

374 days ago

Anna Lisa     

So sad. I am rooting for him. Hope he doesn't hit rock bottom before he has a reality check. People in his camp that enable him should be ashamed of themselves.

374 days ago


Ha, it's true. I googled that sh!t and all these crack stories popped up. Chore Boy Scrubbing Pads are used in crack pipes. Anyone with a working brain knows Lamar wasn't using Chore Boy for any cleaning. He got busted. Caught red handed. It's not funny, but the Chore Boy part kinda is funny.

374 days ago


someone mentioned that Lamar was doing this just ot mess with people and all the gossip mongers, can I just tell you two things I noticed, first of all he is going out in public, true hard core crackheads don't go out in public if ever because the drugs makes you paranoid as h e l l, also, he really does not look cracked out, one tell tale sign is skin, even dark skin, example is DMX when he was getting arrested all the time, his eyes were red and his skin looked horrible, first of all Lamar's eyes look clear, teeth look great, lips are not chapped and eyes are not red, he doesn't even look tired. Maybe he is in on this crazy crack story, he knows by doing this it will make the rumors swirl and he probably does not give a shyt anymore, and I cannot blame him, even if he is smoking crack SO FREAKING WHAT!!! it is not the NBA season, he is being stalked night and day, he is not doing anything to anybody, trust me as I said before if I had Harvey, KMZ, that horrible Pimp of a Mother and his Chewbaca wife stalking my every move I would be high as a kite every chance I get just to make it through the day...you really suck KMZ,

374 days ago


I never heard of any celebrity moving next door to skid row, taking a walk at night in the skid row district, and then being photographed with chore boy crack equipment JUST to mess with people. Seems far fetched to me. Some folks who do that are out of the their minds and don't realize what they're doing.

374 days ago


Yeah these are not ingredients. These are pieces or parts. He wont be frying these up and eating them...welll he shoulld but after smoking some crack he might try.

374 days ago


People SHOULD be shamed into stopping drug use. Good work TMZ.

374 days ago


God is carrying you Lamar... Just lean Stand up on your own, you can do it! ~ Blessings ~

374 days ago
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