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Nicki Minaj

I Skated On Traffic Ticket

9/11/2013 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0911_nicki_minaj_tmzNicki Minaj appears to have gotten a big pass by a starstruck cop who was on the verge of writing the singer a ticket ... until the officer realized who she was about to bust.

Nicki tweeted a pic of a note she says she wrote to the cop's daughter, in which she wrote, "My beautiful barb Ayana!  You and your mom are amazing!  Love always, Nicki."


Nicki says Ayana's mom is a traffic cop who was about to write her up.

It's unclear what traffic violation Nicki allegedly committed, but what is pretty clear ... sometimes it pays to be a celeb.

We reached out to several law enforcement agencies in the NYC area -- where Nicki is currently hanging out for Fashion Week -- but so far we don't know which agency let her skate. 

One interesting thing ... an NYPD official told us ... they weren't going to investigate to see if it happened in their jurisdiction, because they had way more important things to do.  Fair point.



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who the f*ck cares nicki minaj is so irrelevant now she cant even make it past #40 on billboard! she pays so many websites to make pointless articles like these that no one cares about to make her stay relevant.. shes still a horrible person at the end of the day

373 days ago


I wouldn't want her autograph on my toilet paper!

373 days ago


If a cop cannot dispense and enforce the law EQUALLY and FAIRLY among everybody irregardless of status, color, or WTF ever, they should be fired. So sick of conditional laws for selective people!!!

373 days ago


And they wonder why some people don't respect the law.


373 days ago


That is not an officers duty to get autographs for family. She was breaking the law and he took a gift and let her off. What do you call that? Oh yeah, a bribe!

373 days ago


has millions of dollars..yet is ecstatic she got out of a 100 buck or less ticket.lmao what a bunch of greedy dopes

373 days ago

another celeb getting out of trouble with the law. Do they have special treatment or what? If that was an average everyday joe they would have never got away with that,

373 days ago


Boy y'all know how to hate on ANYBODY that's black especially ones who have some level of influence... A bunch of pirañas!

373 days ago


It's always about race, isn't it blets just forget the fact that she is nasty looking, and sooooo annoying. She thinks she is all that, and in reality, she ain't worth a pot to piss in.

373 days ago

Vic Creed    

I'd do her all night if she took off the wig and the clown makeup.

373 days ago


NM....your 15 minutes are up. Time to fade away, tootz.

373 days ago


Big yawn. Don't care when celebs get pulled over for an infraction but don't get ticketed anymore than I care about the thousands of times it happens everyday to non-celebs. How about waiting until NM and the other z-listers you seem to cater to, do something actually interesting before you bother to write about them?

373 days ago


This clown needs to go home already! Continual freak show!

373 days ago

Truth Be Told    

FYI: Just so everyone knows - There is someone who is cloning me (and a lot of other people) and is posting on all the boards.

373 days ago

Truth Be Told    

FYI: Just so everyone knows - There is someone who is cloning me (and a lot of other people) and is posting on all the boards. If you don't believe me - click on his avatar and then mine you will see for yourself. This person steals other people's avatar's and nick names then hides behind a proxy server and posts on all the boards. Beware: This person may very easily clone you also! So Heads Up!!

372 days ago
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