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Tom Hanks Jury Case

Allegations of Jury Tampering

9/11/2013 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The trial in which Tom Hanks was sitting as a juror just came to an abrupt halt after charges of jury tampering surfaced ... TMZ has learned.

During a lunch break Wednesday ... a female member of the L.A. City Attorney's Office went up to Tom in a stairwell and thanked him for his jury service, especially because he's such a big celeb and gladly served.

When the court reconvened today  ... the prosecutor disclosed that a member of the City Attorney's Office made inappropriate contact with Tom during a break.  

The defense then asked for a hearing to prove prosecutorial misconduct.  At that point, lawyers on both sides started talking and a plea deal was cut.

Andrew Flier, the defendant's lawyer (seen above with Hanks after the trial), tells TMZ his client pled no contest to a minor infraction -- disturbing the peace.  

The defendant had been charged with domestic violence and faced up to a year in jail.  Instead, he got a $150 fine, and that's it.

Flier spoke with us on TMZ Live just a few minutes ago (hear below).

As for Tom, he did not say how he was leaning, but said he was there to "serve justice."



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That's why you don't put celebrities on jury duty. It's just to distracting.

375 days ago


Hopefully the victim also received an Order of Protection as well.

375 days ago

Lauren E    

The fact that this made it to court tells me it was a he said/she said. He probably called her a name, hence the lowest charge of the stacked charges. Too many automatically assume that if a person is charged, it must be true. Women have been known to lie or hid their misdeeds. These situations are not always what they appear. Many men end up having to agree to a plea deal because the laws and attitudes are so biased, it is the lesser of evils. Going to court is not only extremely expensive, it is risky. For instance, in Colorado, being found guilty of harassment, ie using the word "bitch", will result in your losing your second amendment rights and being labeled a domestic abuser forever. Better to take the deferred judgement, pay the fine, complete counseling, and apply to have the case sealed, even if you are innocent.

375 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

Another prosecutor fugg up

375 days ago


I'm sure this abuser's victim thanks that idiot for screwing this up!

375 days ago


What a moron. Go up and thank him. As if she was personally running the justice system. Jacka$$. Thanks for blowing it for the poor woman that was beat up by this guy.

375 days ago


guess that is one way for a defense attorney to get a good out come for his client have a celeb on the jury so when some one just even says i am a fan. can say jury tampering.

375 days ago


LOL people suck at life sometimes

375 days ago


Glad I'm married to a prison guard who works a half mile from the Courthouse. They have never picked me once they know that.

375 days ago


Was the city attorney a defense attorney meaning she purposely did this to assist her fellow defense colleague, or a prosecutor?????? In the Jodi Arias trial the defense tried to pull this stunt repeatedly to get a mistrial but the judge was smart, just had 2 jurors replaced each time it happened.

375 days ago


Not trying to be a A hole, but she is probably going to get back with him anyway.

375 days ago


Alot of women go back to their abusers.

375 days ago


LA ttorny`s wife beatin buddie`SS walk thanks again tommy for yourt service dumb dum SOS

375 days ago


nxt time tape yourt big yapper shut or have dinner with the other side first so as to save the beaten some time to hide first

375 days ago


as if the monkey suit didn`t know not to talk and as if tom didn`t know WTF whom is this wife beating stool bend bozo hilly&billy clintons

375 days ago
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