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Mumford & Sons

Booted from ATL Strip Club

9/12/2013 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

... it's one of the biggest strip club rules there is (after "no touching") ... and folk band Mumford & Sons allegedly violated it big time in Atlanta Tuesday night -- resulting in the entire group getting the boot.

Here's how it started: the band had just performed at ATL's Centennial Olympic Park and decided to hit up the famous Clermont Lounge to celebrate. It was karaoke night, and we're told band member Ben Lovett took the stage to belt out a few tunes.

According to strip club sources, Ben's bandmates decided to document the occasion with their camera phones, and strip club officials freaked out, demanding they put their phones away (per the club's strict rules).

We're told the DJ had to lower the music several times to ask the band members to put their cameras away, and that really pissed off Ben ... who loudly accused the DJ of ruining his song.

Our sources say the other band members chimed in at that point, cursing out the strip club staff -- so the club manager kicked the whole group out.

TMZ has obtained grainy video shot in the wake of the incident, in which you can hear a strip club employee shout, "Everybody out! Go go go!" It's pretty nuts. We called a rep for the band for comment -- so far, no word back.

2:34 PM PT -- Turns out it WASN'T Ben who was on stage when hell broke loose, it was WINSTON. All those English people look the same.



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404 days ago


We've seen TONS of photos of other celebs 'making it rain' on strippers, in strip clubs. Not to mention violating the "no touching " rule. These guys just wanted to take pics of their bandmate on stage, belting a tune?!?! Huh....

404 days ago

your own luck    

Why is it that famous people always think the rules never apply to them?

404 days ago


Got kicked out of the clermont? Wow, i'd have a shirt made. That isnt a easy task

404 days ago


Every one of their songs sound exactly the same.

404 days ago


It's probably for the best they got kicked out. That club is notoriously nasty. It's located in the basement of a condemned hotel, has vintage 1970s wallpaper, and a 60+ year old stripper named Goldie.

404 days ago

Baby pink    

Omg!! A banjo & an accordian...Wtf?? It's like watching the soundtrack of "Fielder on the Roof"!! ..minus rhe Fidel.

404 days ago


Who? Where is Lamar at?

404 days ago


The Clampetts fit into Beverly Hills better than these douche bags fit into a strip club. LOL LOL LOL

404 days ago

The Zombie    

Taking pictures at any strip club is a big no-no. They're lucky they didn't get their asses kicked and phones taken by security.

404 days ago


That band is so overrated.

404 days ago

Truth Be Told    

FYI: Just so everyone knows - There is someone who is cloning me (and a lot of other people) and is posting on all the boards. If you don't believe me - click on his avatar and then mine you will see for yourself. This person steals other people's avatar's and nick names then hides behind a proxy server and posts on all the boards. Beware: This person may very easily clone you also! So Heads Up!!

404 days ago


In defense of the city of Atlanta, I would like to make note to TMZ that "The Clairmont Lounge" is not really a strip club like many others we have throughout this city. The Clairmont Lounge is a bar where midgets, people with missing body parts and women in their 60's gyrate to tunes often without clothes. A place where people go often for laughs or the novelty. Please do not confuse this freak show club with any other normal strip clubs we have in Atlanta where beautiful women or men seduce the opposite sex with their desirable bodies. Thank you.

404 days ago


I do not understand why rappers, and athletes, and musicians, etc cannot find nicer, better places to drink and party. Strip clubs are not classy....and a gentleman never has to pay a lady to get naked for him!

404 days ago


Seriously..the Clermont Lounge! I was waiting for a fancy joint name.

Not Really Ballin there kids

Been there once cause I didn't know what it was. That was enough for me.

For those who don't live in Atlanta, imagine your older mother being a stripper....yup. that is all.

There is a lady there who can crush a beer can with her ta-tas.

404 days ago
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