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Nicole Kidman

Knocked to Ground,

Pressing Charges

9/12/2013 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

2:05 PM PDT : 
Witnesses at the scene tell us ... Nicole has no visible injuries.  Cops are saying they will write Wu a ticket for riding his bike on the sidewalk, but will not arrest him for a criminal offense. One cop said, "An accident's an accident."

Nicole Kidman
is pressing charges against a paparazzo who crashed into her on a bicycle, knocking her to the ground.

Nicole had just left the Calvin Klein show for New York's Fashion Week and was returning to the Carlyle Hotel.  As she walked toward the entrance, a freelance photog named Carl Wu was roaring toward her on his bike.

Witnesses tell TMZ ... as Wu got dangerously close to Nicole, he appeared to hit his brakes, but it didn't do the trick.  He slammed into her and she went crashing to the ground.

A photog who was there tells TMZ ... Nicole was furious and said she wanted to press charges against Wu.  Nicole called the cops, and they're on the way right now.

Wu is a notorious photog who has had run-ins with other celebs, including Lada Gaga.  There's actually a Tumblr account called, "F**k You Carl Wu."

As for Nicole ... no word on whether she's injured -- though paramedics were on scene ... just in case.

4:45 PM PDT:  We just got video of Carl Wu leaving the police station.  He wasn't in the mood to chat.




No Avatar


Poor little prima donna .... try whining about this in such cities as Tokyo, Singapore, Hanoi, Seoul, where bicycles and motorbikes are ubiquitous, or in Amsterdam where bicycles have the right of way. What a spoiled, rich brat !

405 days ago


I would have been shocked and a little shaken up -she probably thought it was Scientologists trying to kill her again.

405 days ago


The bike never touched that BOTOX'D FREAK, who abandoned her adopted children.

405 days ago


For the police to say an accident is an accident is just irresponsible. Somebody is always responsible. Sorry you tripped over your shoelace and crashed into me by "accident" but your "accident" caused me to break my wrist. It might have been an accident on your part but you are still responsible for my injuries and will pay my medical bills.
I'm just making a point that just because it's an "accident" doesn't mean there isn't responsibility.

405 days ago


Look at the little weasel run away from the paps wanting to question HIM! What a turd.

405 days ago

Michael Nappi    

I'm glad she's not hurt but I'd never forgive myself if I didn't offer to kiss her boo boo. Every time I see her I'll always think "Hemingway and Ghellhorn"

405 days ago


What a chicken, It's ok to stock celebrities but when the camera is on you, you duck and run. What a coward!

405 days ago


Good for her !! Hope the ****ing paparazzo gets jail time. I was knocked over by a an idiot on a bicycle once who decided not to respect the red light. The ******* disappeared and left me with a broken elbow. Had to wear a casket for month plus another month of rehab.

405 days ago


He should have charges filed against him! He could have really hurt her badly. Then maybe he'll think twice about how he rides that bike before he hurts someone else.

405 days ago

Fuck Off TMZ    

Everyone should be allowed to knock down pappar****bags. They are the s*** of the earth.

405 days ago


This was intentional. The man should be arrested of assault and battery.

405 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

Just have another surgery, Nicole. Nobody will notice.

405 days ago


These s***bag paparazzi including the idiots yes idiots who also work for you yes TMZ need to be thrown in jail , so hideous and disgusting what they will do for a money shot or reaction...Sue Sue Nicole , they are pigs in the worst way....

405 days ago


I think he legitimately tried to stop. A little too late, but he tried. That old bag of bones Kidman would've fallen on her own sooner or later.

405 days ago


Always funny to me how TMZ tries to take the high road in situations like this. Though they would be the first to buy a photo from this POS if he came up with some BS exclusive to make someone look bad.

405 days ago
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