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Snoop Lion

I'm Donating to 6-Year-Old's Funeral Too

'We Need to Come Together'

9/12/2013 12:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Snoop Lion
TO THE RESCUE -- the rapper just announced he's also giving money to help cover the funeral costs for a 6-year-old girl who was fatally shot last weekend in California.

Rapper The Game has already donated $10,000 to help pay the funeral bills for 6-year-old Tiana Ricks -- who was shot and killed when two men approached her family's Moreno Valley home and opened fire -- but sadly, Tiana's mom said the money wasn't enough to cover all the bills.

Snoop's rep wouldn't say exactly how much he donated, but sources close to Tiana's family tell TMZ the amount was $2,000.

Snoop has released a statement about the shooting, saying, "Little 6-year-old girls are not supposed to die from a gunshot. But it keeps happening ... Too many tears are being shed, too many young lives are being cut short. We need to come together to change this."

FYI, Snoop has Crip ties and Game openly identifies with the Bloods (a rival gang) ... so Snoop's really not kidding about the "coming together" stuff.

Snoop added, "Beautiful Tiana loved to play the piano -- she had a whole life ahead of her which she should have been filled with love and music."

Police are still on the hunt for the killers.


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Seriously, U have got to be kidding me. Why didn't she have life insurance? As a mother I made sure all 3 of my children have life insurance . People are greedy and this mother is a piece of work. Her little girl is dead and 10 grand isn't enough. Maybe public aid will supply the food for the gathering after, O wait I am sure she is on public aid, we the tax payers will be paying once again

376 days ago

King of Coast    

Game all ready payed to late snoop

376 days ago


Ya That's great!!! NOW, instead of Waiting until there is a FUNERAL to pay for, how about we help these families while they are LIVING??? There are communities Just outside of Very Wealthy L.A. And other cities, where there is NOT A SINGLE proper grocery store with fresh ANYTHING for miles and those have to be covered by BUS!!! Plenty of liquor stores, cigarettes and Junk food available on EVERY corner!!! So how about you rich rappers start DOING something about THAT instead of tossing stripper money AFTER the misery is over?!!!!

376 days ago


haven't heard a word from al sharpton and Jesse Jackson yet....

376 days ago


Yes, $10K was well enough for a child's funeral. YOu do not have to go all lavish. I lost my 5yr old due to health reasons, he was born a preemie so life insurance would not cover him because they considered as pre existing condition. His funeral was up to but nor more than $5k and it was put away very nicely with dignity and respect.

376 days ago


Just read a news artical on this seems that the 2 shooters just walked up and even though there was a 6 year old girl standing right there they opened fire??? How would anyone even be able to think about shooting someone let alone with a 6 year old girl standing right there as well??? So glad that Snoop and The Game are donating to this young family during this tragic loss

376 days ago


When did Snoop Dog become Snoop Lion? I missed something. Regardless, this is a horrible story and I hope the little girl can rest in peace.

376 days ago


Do you think if she was white they would do the same thing?

376 days ago


how the hell is 10k not enough for a little girls funeral? i couldnt imagine saying i need more cash when someone is nice enough to give 10k..maybe once the stars got involved someone figured they could get the 6k limo service and that was what put them over budget?

376 days ago


Why does a kind gesture wether its $2.00 or a mansion on the hilltop, have to be over analyzed. No matter what, another tragic loss, no amount of money is going to bring that little girl home. It is just a nice gesture. If people continually make negitive statements about charity or gifts, what is the point, of others helping others. It's not a platform for negitivity, just a kind gesture...helping others is a "great" thing in life...

376 days ago


I got an Idea Doop Lion, Why dont you tell all your homies to stop rapping about drugs and money and biches and glorifying the thug lifestyle. Just a thought

376 days ago


Ok then.

376 days ago


Why stop at $10 Grand?

376 days ago


I have a better idea: how about openly rejecting ties to gangs and gang violence instead? *high fives? ...anyone?*

376 days ago


Snoop's rep wouldn't say exactly how much he donated, but sources close to Tiana's family tell TMZ the amount was $2,000.........................I'VE SEEN HIM ON TV BUYING $5,000.00 DOLLAR SANDALS BUT FOR THIS FUNERAL HE IS JUST DONATING $2,000 ?, WHAT A JOKE HE IS...

376 days ago
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