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David Tutera, Former Partner

Split Babies

in Half

9/13/2013 6:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


David Tutera -- the host of "My Fair Wedding" -- followed the biblical path in his split with Ryan Jurica  -- he gets one of their twins, and Ryan gets one.

The two men had a 10-year domestic partnership that blew apart in January ... and it got UGLY.  And there was a big complication -- they had fraternal twins through a surrogate in July, and that triggered a bitter custody battle.

Now here's the complication.  Each man fertilized an egg that was then implanted in the same surrogate, who gave birth to the two babies at the same time.  It appears the eggs are from the same biological mother. 

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... a judge has issued a temporary custody arrangement in which David gets custody of his biological child, baby girl Cielo, and Ryan gets custody of his biological child, Cedric.

We're told David and Ryan are "close" to a final settlement, where the temporary custody arrangement will become permanent. 

We're also told the two men are getting along.  It's unclear if they will each get visitation rights of each other's kid. So we gotta ask ...

FYI, Tutera had a chance to explain himself on "The View" this morning. Check the clip.



No Avatar


I don't agree with splitting up siblings at all, let alone twins. This is horrible for those poor babies :(

316 days ago


Even King Solomon wouldn't have made THAT decision.

316 days ago


That is a horrible thing to do, splitting siblings up. Nothing good will come off that. Major fail.

316 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Wow, this is just disgusting.

316 days ago

Doris Melo    

This is so sad. I hope David doesent have too pay a lot of money to the other man .I really like his show.

316 days ago


I'm a twin and this is the most selfish decision ever. No one ever things about the children. Just their own selfish selves. These two men are disgusting. Poor children.

316 days ago


It makes sense since it's their biological child but they should let the kids see each other cause they are half brother and sister.

316 days ago


What do they do on Fathers Day?

316 days ago

Panama Mama    

As the mother of fraternal Boy/Girl Twins I have to say that this is a TERRIBLE idea. Twins share a special bond and to separate the two is selfish and irresponsible. They should have worked out some way to keep the twins and share custody instead of separating the children. MOST UNFORTUNATE FOR THE CHILDREN! SMDH...

316 days ago


So Sad. The children always suffer when grown ups can't see past their own selfish needs and do whats best for the children! Breaks my heart that people are commenting on their sexual orientation. Heterosexuals do the same things with their kids! Use them against their spouse to punish...Not cool no matter what!! I have fraternal twins-They have a bond like I have never seen-My prayers are with the children. They must be lost without their sibling.

316 days ago


Maybe they will both go to the same summer camp, find each other, and switch places in hopes of reuniting their parents and singing "Let's Get Together"

316 days ago

Timmy Boy    

"The two men had a ..."

Call them what they are.

The two gays

316 days ago


I'm sure these a**holes will split TWINS apart. When one drops one off, the other goes for visitation. Not caring once if the TWINS see eachother. Comeone gay married people, don't be like straight married people,don't use your kids to hurt eachother. Dont split up TWINS . they need to grow up together. Not swapped back and forth like pawn pieces in your game of "f**k my ex"

316 days ago


What a selfish thing to do!! I have twin boys and would never dream of splitting them up. They are a package deal

316 days ago


Wow. I'm totally disgusted. Shame on all the surrogates who provide this service to gays. People seem to do just about anything if the price is right. Where's the morals?

316 days ago
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