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David Tutera, Former Partner

Split Babies

in Half

9/13/2013 6:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


David Tutera -- the host of "My Fair Wedding" -- followed the biblical path in his split with Ryan Jurica  -- he gets one of their twins, and Ryan gets one.

The two men had a 10-year domestic partnership that blew apart in January ... and it got UGLY.  And there was a big complication -- they had fraternal twins through a surrogate in July, and that triggered a bitter custody battle.

Now here's the complication.  Each man fertilized an egg that was then implanted in the same surrogate, who gave birth to the two babies at the same time.  It appears the eggs are from the same biological mother. 

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... a judge has issued a temporary custody arrangement in which David gets custody of his biological child, baby girl Cielo, and Ryan gets custody of his biological child, Cedric.

We're told David and Ryan are "close" to a final settlement, where the temporary custody arrangement will become permanent. 

We're also told the two men are getting along.  It's unclear if they will each get visitation rights of each other's kid. So we gotta ask ...

FYI, Tutera had a chance to explain himself on "The View" this morning. Check the clip.



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And this is the reason gay people shouldn't have children together

405 days ago


So a judge actually split the babies up and gave one to each man? They are humans not a sandwich!!! I hear a lot of stories about gay people wanting the right to get married to their partner, they get married and then less than a year later they are splitting up, what gives?

405 days ago


Even Steven.

405 days ago


Poor kids.. not only did they lose a parent.. they lost their sibling too.

405 days ago


Truly some gay shlt.

405 days ago


Just selfish spitting the kids up. Who r U really thinking about here? Shame on U.........rethink this, pls.

405 days ago


Is this similar to a "pulled pork" sandwich?

405 days ago


How is this good for the kids? This judge is an idiot you do not hurt children because their parents are morons!

405 days ago

Yawdie Gyal    

It's scientifically proven that babies that share the same womb share a special conmection. It's a travesty that they are separated and will not get to grow up together in the same home as siblings should. Shame on the judge that co-signed on this epically bad agreement......

405 days ago


the only ones that seem to benefit from these divorces are the lawyers.... omg poor, poor babies... losing a family home and now their twin sibling... in a hetero divorce would twins be split up? i hope this temporary arrangement does not become permanent...
and as for the so-called "fathers", you'd think their children would be first but no, revenge seems to be the order of the day.... grow the eff up for your kids' sakes...

405 days ago


These babies are merely a couple months old, so they will be fine. There are situations where siblings who've grown up in the same household for a time are split up during a divorce (kids have told judges they want to go with either their mom or dad). That's much harder than it would be on an infant.

What would be nice is if both men eventually get over the bullcrap that split them up, become friends and let the kids get to know one another as they grow up.

405 days ago

Ryuga the Dragon Emperor    

Gay people should never have children. Who knows the disgusting things they do to them.

405 days ago


Yea... THIS IS A GREAT IDEA! "Because we're gay... SELFISH... parents that are divorcing AND... should have NEVER been legally married in the first place... impregnating a woman with both of our wormy spermies... NOW that our relationship has failed... LET'S DIVIDE UP THE TWINS!??" It's NOT like they have a say so anyways... right? I say... "A lawyer needs to step in AND... fight for their little rights!!" This is simply... DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give these precious children a life AND... place them into a NORMAL... loving family... that will NOT ever witness a walk in on daddy... daddy relationships!! UGH...

405 days ago

Stacy Scabin    

They each got their own biological child the same kind of crap happens in heterosexual divorces you people need to stop bashing just because they are gay!!!!!!

405 days ago


And thus the devaluing of families has continued with this

405 days ago
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