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Lindsay Lohan

Shows Support for Mom

But None for Her Boobs

9/13/2013 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Lindsay Lohan just arrived at her mom's house on Long Island -- this after Dina Lohan's arrest for an off-the-charts DWI -- and she was definitely lacking in the support department.

Lindsay showed up in a black Porsche with her sister, Ali and an unidentified guy -- flashing a ton of side-boob as she walked into the house.

Shortly after Linds showed up ... her old attorney Mark Heller walked out of Dina's pad, and announced he's representing her in the DWI.

Heller pointed out Dina is a first time DWI offender with no prior record (criminally, anyway) -- and as a result he felt she would be treated with "fairness." Translation: he's hoping for no jail time.

As we previously reported ... Dina was arrested Thursday night ... and cops say she had a BAC of 0.2 -- nearly 3 times the legal limit.

Dina's still laying low -- the only sign of her all day was in the doorway as she let a friend out. She looked ... hazy.



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Shaquille O'Neal     

Nice hooters!!!

407 days ago

BB not bb    

Hey Mark Heller proved himself with Lindsay, so why not? I think he is a good lawyer. He shows a lot of dedication and forethought. He isn't just a poseur.

As far as Lindsay, does she have to hide her body from her mother too? What is the big deal? Are people scandalized while seeing a body part that we see on men nonstop?

Maybe this is evidence that she doesn't have implants. Don't they breasts stand up like there is a bra on the inside? I hardly think this is sexual or looking for attention. It looks like being comfortable to me.

407 days ago



DWIna Lohan, the surly, wretched, worst single mother of five (one was left at Walmart because of sniveling long ago) in the Universe is preparing for Lindsay to come Home, rejoin the Family and contribute to Family First, eh? She has contracted with a limousine company to arrange the Flying Arab Express, limos from NYC out to the Merrick Mansion and return. The plan is to operate 24/7.

The Merrick Mansion garage is being converted into a Fukatorium where Linds can earn her living; it will include a kiddie pool, water bed, trapeze, mirrored beam ceiling, delousing shower, stirrups, stuffed animals, a FULL BAR and PHARMACY and an extensive fantasy wardrobe for Lilo. The Menu of Services and Rates will be released concurrent with Linds returning home and getting eight balled up for business.

When Linds has time between appointments, she will join the Lohan Ladies in the parking lot of Jugs and Strokers to service the Carriage Trade, eh?

DWIna says “Let the bruising begin, I can hardly wait!”

(Neighbor Peep Photo)

407 days ago


Well the hate arrows are in full force, that just means we're right.

407 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Bwhahhahahhaha!! There goes that book deal

Bwhahahhahaahha! Ding Dong Dina will have to give back the money they fronted her to do the book

Bwhahhahahahhaha! Another lawsuit in the making, cause Ding Dong Dina already spent the money

407 days ago


Nikki...Dina was in LA with Lohan when she was doing her Heller Holly lawyer switch to stall for time.

Dina was out trying to hawk her book she was going to title 'A parent Trapped' to every publisher she could find or even would talk to her. No takers. No better luck in NY.

They know she's just as much of a liar as Lindsay is and it wouldn't sell. So who the hell is this stupid publisher that gave her an advance? If true you are right that advance money has been gone.

407 days ago


Jude Law hit that at the peak. It's been all downhill since then.

407 days ago


well, look who her "role model" is. is anyone surprised poor Lindsay can't even dress herself? ya, linds, yer supposed to wear underear. just a little lesson from a mom who's family isn't ridiculed world-wide ttfn

407 days ago


well, look who her "role model" is. is anyone surprised poor Lindsay can't even dress herself? ya, linds, yer supposed to wear underwear. just a little lesson from a mom who's family isn't ridiculed world-wide ttfn. (just saw and fixed typo).

407 days ago


Good morning everyone. Did I mention how much I despise this family? Cause I do.

407 days ago

Isaac Newton    

Her boobs are amazing! I love her!

407 days ago


WOW - Looks like she has real boobs. Who knew?

407 days ago


The Lowhans prove the saying "you can't fix stupid." If Lindsay had any sense she would stay the f away from mommy dearest. Let the skinny, looks like Milo in drag, kid take the reigns for a while. Can we all chip in to send them on a booze cruise to hell?

407 days ago

Lady Di    

slap yo mama 'cross de face wit dem boo-bays.....

407 days ago


Gross, she has the saggy boobs of an old lady. Yikes!!!

406 days ago
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