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Selma Blair

Threatens Lawsuit

You Screwed Me, Charlie!

9/13/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Selma Blair
has called in the legal hounds ... threatening Charlie Sheen and Lionsgate Entertainment with a retaliation lawsuit after getting the ax on "Anger Management."

Sources connected with the show tell TMZ ... Selma believes she had a big fat target on her forehead after daring to criticize Charlie for being a slacker.  She repeatedly complained to the crew that everyone had to sit around and wait while Charlie sat in his trailer and learned his lines.

Charlie got wind of Selma's beef and she believes that's when the die was cast.  Our sources say Selma's now demanding the $1.2 mil she would have made if she would have continued working ... and if she doesn't get it she's filing a lawsuit.

Sources tell TMZ ... of the 12 scenes per show, Selma was only in 3 or 4.  Charlie was in all 12 and required to memorize 44 to 48 pages of dialogue per show.  One source said candidly, "When you work 12 hours a day and have 3 girlfriends at home, it's hard to memorize all the lines for tomorrow."

As for the claim of wrongful termination based on retaliation ... our sources acknowledge, when Charlie heard Selma was trashing him he was pissed, but the decision had already been made to write her off the show, because "America didn't want to see Charlie with just one girlfriend."

But here's the thing ... One very well placed source tells TMZ ... the plan was to phase Selma out over 8 episodes.  After Charlie heard Selma was bitching about him, "That process was accelerated."

We're told lawyers for Lionsgate and Selma are currently talking ... trying to reach a settlement.



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love him or hate him, charlie is a money maker, and he's a good actor.
Selma who? she's going the way of Kathryn Heigl...
Look at 2 1/2 all the stations that show the re-runs are bragging that it's the "original" nobody wants the Ashton cr*p

375 days ago


Yeah, thats Hollywood for you. Charlie, the coke addict, alcoholic, prostitute hound who took a public meltdown a while back and trashes hotel rooms and beats up women gets to keep his job even though he has trouble memorizing his lines because hes such a freaking mess. But Selma, who has a good reputation and is in control of her life, not embarrassing herself at every opportunity is let go. ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY FOR THOSE SLIMY TV SHOW PRODUCERS!!! Charlie shouldnt even HAVE a TV show after the idiot hes made of himself. But like I said, ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. I never watched that show and I never will. Are ya still winning Charlie you a**hole? I hope you get hit by a bus.

375 days ago


She really screwed herself here.. can't say I feel sorry for her. If she's that damn stupid, she deserves nothing. Team Charlie.

375 days ago

Baby pink    

Since the show EXIST "solely" because of Charlie, he'll definitely b the one to win over this matter. Selma's agent needs to have a 'sit-down' heart-to-heart chat with her on the DDo's & Don't's" of how to behave on the same set as a movie star that owns & wins!!

375 days ago


I'm pretty sure the saying is "when the DYE was cast. Not DIE".

375 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

another prostitute.

375 days ago


Selma, just walk away from this one. Don't mess with Charles. It's his show. Take whatever money you made and don't talk about him. Drop it.

375 days ago


She wasn't even that funny on the show. I think it's good business to give her the sack.

375 days ago


Wasn't it reported MONTHS ago that Charlie wanted Selma out b/c she was bitching about him. This is old news and why all of a sudden the backtrack? Oh could it be b/c she's filing a lawsuit and TMZ is on Charlie Sheen's payroll. Is anyone surprised that Charlie is difficult to work with? Um NO

375 days ago

Pierce Aero One    

Brain damaged has been can't remember his lines, hears about legitimate objections from more professional artist, and fires her. How very Bush League of him. Freaking Alcoholics. Premature ejaculating entitled retarded pigs.

375 days ago


Ow Charlie !

Charlie bit me !!

That really hurt Charlie!

375 days ago


comment: I am unhappy that this is happening to Salma Blair. I hope she makes it through whatever happened with the relationships on the show

375 days ago


I think this is just PR for the show; I have heard that Charlie and Selma remain friends. Who knows?

375 days ago

slam dunk    

I thought recognized her that's the chick from hell boy she looks old as dust now.

375 days ago


first of all your spelling reeks!!! die is cast??? TRY DYE

375 days ago
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