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Selma Blair

Threatens Lawsuit

You Screwed Me, Charlie!

9/13/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Selma Blair
has called in the legal hounds ... threatening Charlie Sheen and Lionsgate Entertainment with a retaliation lawsuit after getting the ax on "Anger Management."

Sources connected with the show tell TMZ ... Selma believes she had a big fat target on her forehead after daring to criticize Charlie for being a slacker.  She repeatedly complained to the crew that everyone had to sit around and wait while Charlie sat in his trailer and learned his lines.

Charlie got wind of Selma's beef and she believes that's when the die was cast.  Our sources say Selma's now demanding the $1.2 mil she would have made if she would have continued working ... and if she doesn't get it she's filing a lawsuit.

Sources tell TMZ ... of the 12 scenes per show, Selma was only in 3 or 4.  Charlie was in all 12 and required to memorize 44 to 48 pages of dialogue per show.  One source said candidly, "When you work 12 hours a day and have 3 girlfriends at home, it's hard to memorize all the lines for tomorrow."

As for the claim of wrongful termination based on retaliation ... our sources acknowledge, when Charlie heard Selma was trashing him he was pissed, but the decision had already been made to write her off the show, because "America didn't want to see Charlie with just one girlfriend."

But here's the thing ... One very well placed source tells TMZ ... the plan was to phase Selma out over 8 episodes.  After Charlie heard Selma was bitching about him, "That process was accelerated."

We're told lawyers for Lionsgate and Selma are currently talking ... trying to reach a settlement.



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never bite the hand that feeds you

414 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

She tied her own noose and hung herself. Cant come back and try to sue. She will destroy her chances of ever getting another job again. Who would hire someone who causes problems, gets fired, then sues?
She's a complete moron

414 days ago

(◉_◉) Brush Your Teeth (◉_◉)    

I'll Baby Sit Your Three Girls For You Charley.

414 days ago


Maybe if Charlie was able to put the bottle down quit snorting the Coke, it would be easy for him to learn his lines, especially because once again the show is about Charlie Sheen and his personal life.

414 days ago


Selma who?

414 days ago


That show is horrible.

414 days ago


I remember on ANTM that Paulina lady was complaining that Tyra was always late to judging. Instead of being grateful that Tyra hired her and helped her become someone relevant again. This looks like the same story.

414 days ago

The Atlanta Church Of Satan     

BS;Just a another one from the Charlie Sheen publicity machine. Don't be surprised she comes back on the show.

414 days ago


That is one skank ho buoooy!

414 days ago

Jeff Becker    

The liberal entitled society cries fouls AGAIN! Complaining to the staff about you boss WILL get you fired! I thought she was great in the show, but shut up and do your job. Good luck with future projects.

414 days ago

Esther the Great    

Because when she got the job working with Charlie Sheen she expected everything to be done professionally and by the book... This screams publicity stunt for ratings... How very Kardashian of you Mr. Sheen!

414 days ago

BB not bb    

He had to memorize 45 lines per day after working 12 hours and partying? I don't see how it is humanly possible. The lines are so stupid besides. Maybe they could have just explained the situation to her instead of quashing any dissent swiftly and silently. Maybe they do things like that to feed Charlie's ego so he can be an ass in real life and appear as one more genuinely on the show.

I don't think you should be fired just for having an opinion or complaint. She wasn't trying to make trouble, she had a genuine concern. Why did they call everyone in if they new Charlie wasn't ready yet anyway? I think that is the director or the producer's fault.

I guess these actors work hard. I wouldn't want to have to read all those lines every day, let alone memorize them. Sometimes they use cue cards to help actors. I think there could have been a compromise worked out.

414 days ago


She talks negatively about Charlie Sheen on Anger Management (her boss and executive producer) and wants compensation?

414 days ago


I wish that I could talk **** on my boss openly and still get a fat check.

413 days ago


Like Selma Blair didn't know what she was in for by agreeing to work with Charlie Sheen? Was she living amongst the hill people during his Two and a Half Men fracas?

413 days ago
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