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Khloe Kardashian

Cracked After Lamar OD Rumors Spread

9/15/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian
still has deep feelings for the man she threw out of their house, because TMZ has learned she was terrified after hearing rumors Lamar Odom may have OD'd on crack.

Rumors were circulating late last week that Lamar had OD'd and was dying ... not all that unbelievable considering his drug addiction ... and when Khloe heard about it she freaked.

We're told Khloe "panicked" and began power dialing Lamar's cell phone, but it kept going to voicemail.  She then started calling his friends -- a bunch of them -- trying to figure out if the rumor was true.

She finally got Lamar on the phone.  He was at their downtown loft and said he was fine and the rumor was false. 

We're told at that point Khloe pulled back and reiterated -- Lamar could not come back home unless he got treatment for his drug addiction.  The call ended shortly thereafter.

So it seems she still loves the guy ... but had clearly drawn a line in the sand.


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BULLSH*T! Her plan backfired and she's trying to show the world sh cares. She looked like a a callous c*nt with all her glamming up and those damn annoying selfies. You could see her giddy all the time. So this is TMZ attempt trying to put yet another spin at it. All I have to say either this has all been a con to up her celebrity ranking and they're looking for a show out f this or Lamar needs a good lawyer.

406 days ago


Lamar is tired of playing ball. The Kartrashians offered him more than what the Clippers would have offered him. All this drama is to save that pathetic show.

406 days ago


If these two are that indiscriminate and tasteless they deserve each other.

406 days ago


Just because someone hurts you, abandons you, does you dirty, etc., you don't automatically turn off the love. It may take time, or repeated abuse of that love that turns it off.

406 days ago


"Power dialed"? Now that's a new one.

406 days ago

Blue Lake    

Khloe is a good person, unlike Lamar. And unlike Eminem, who has really blown it with his attempted comeback. Oops, he's dead meat now. Again.

406 days ago


I would imagine that is why she is not getting a divorce. If he dies while married, she gets everything. If she divorces, she will only get some money. Don't ever under estimate the warped minds of the Kardashian Klan.

406 days ago


These stories may have truth to them because Lamar is not out living the LA life. He is holed up some where. He has been holed up all off season. There have been no club sightings, red carpet sightings, sport's bar sightings, movie or restaurant sightings. These are things he enjoys doing. He did them during the season. So now he has all the time in the world and he is closed up in hotels. He is not even visiting his children. His children normally came to LA for a month to stay with him and there are usually pictures on the net of there outtings or at the airport. Looks like none of that and it doesn't look like he's been to NYC. Twitter is normally full of sightings when he's in town.

It seems most would rather hate the family the actual accept he has a drug issue.

406 days ago


So two different kinds of junkies. Does any one really care...

406 days ago


Khloe ended her call with Lamar and quickly called TMZ.

406 days ago


Kardashian women only in for the good times, never the problem, health times. No no too messy. If you loved him Khloe you would have helped him long long ago but you enabled and turned a blind eye. Now here you are.

406 days ago


How cruel was think he had overdosed and possibly died. The worry and the hope all at the same time. What a cruel thing ......then to find out he didn't overdose and he is fine...the bitter disappointment...the anger ..all hopes dashed...the fleeting moment of hope that finally did something worth while. Oh well maybe next time the buffoon will get it right and die..

406 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

come on!
you can't tell me you all believe this bull**** is real

it is a fake relationship these krappy people have fooled everyone into paying them so much $$$$$$

406 days ago


she needs to get over it because he doesn't love her. he used her.

406 days ago


He called her back/answered at least one phone call. They must both still have feelings for eachother. You cant just turn off love. Im w khloe on this one, she has to draw the line somewhere! What woman wouldnt hold out hope that their hubby would choose a lifetime of love over a possible OD. Im curious to see where they end up around the new year. Thats always a make or break time for junkies...

406 days ago
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