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Khloe Kardashian

Cracked After Lamar OD Rumors Spread

9/15/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian
still has deep feelings for the man she threw out of their house, because TMZ has learned she was terrified after hearing rumors Lamar Odom may have OD'd on crack.

Rumors were circulating late last week that Lamar had OD'd and was dying ... not all that unbelievable considering his drug addiction ... and when Khloe heard about it she freaked.

We're told Khloe "panicked" and began power dialing Lamar's cell phone, but it kept going to voicemail.  She then started calling his friends -- a bunch of them -- trying to figure out if the rumor was true.

She finally got Lamar on the phone.  He was at their downtown loft and said he was fine and the rumor was false. 

We're told at that point Khloe pulled back and reiterated -- Lamar could not come back home unless he got treatment for his drug addiction.  The call ended shortly thereafter.

So it seems she still loves the guy ... but had clearly drawn a line in the sand.


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Im hoping this is all a BS story, but Im thinking not...its obvious Lamarr has a drug problem, to what extent we really dont know...he seems to be in denial wants nothing to do with his wife anymore and her crappy whorefaming family, cant blame him on that account....has enough money to just walk away from them, which it looks like hes doing...I like just dont want to read breaking news that he has ODed..he needs help, but he needs to first realize that he has a problem...Wookie needs to just go away...

412 days ago


Another BS story.

412 days ago


I call BS. All she had to do was check TMZ. You guys have posted how many photos of him out & about at all hours? This story is total BS.

412 days ago


I recall the show, where Lamar & KRIS HUMPHRIES were at a K. event. LAMAR turned to KRIS & said something to the affect, "you can have this, it's here if you want it." Guess it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

412 days ago


Bull this **** was looking for a reason to cash-in and jump with joy. Filthy Ho

412 days ago

Kelly Rollins    

How Stupid - What Did you expect? Kloe finally got Lamar on the phone. He was at their downtown loft and said he was fine and the rumor was TRUE...HE HAD OD'd AND DIED!

I like Lamar and hope that he get's his act together quickly.

412 days ago


If it were not for his connection to the trash family, this would not even be in the news.

412 days ago


this one is pretty much your biggest BS 'story' yet, you guys crack me up!

412 days ago


I'm sure it's such an emotionally rough time for Khloe and Lamar. I have to commend Khloe for hanging in there and wanting to save her marriage and be there for Lamar. That's the way marriage works...for better or for worse. Clearly this is the "worse" part. I hope it all works out for those two.

412 days ago


I'm personally offended that you take your readers for such idiots! Outside of Lamar's DUI you haven't presented one shred of hard evidence to back up the Kartrashian character assassination that Lamar is an out of control crackhead, unless you count the rivoting photo of the chore boys, Lol! Give your readers some credit here!!

412 days ago


I've been on vacation for over a week in the Caribbean an I'm shocked to come back an see T,Z is still reporting the same bullsh*t. you all really need to get a fn life.

412 days ago


She's starting to believe PMK's crap.

411 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Where the sex tape at?

411 days ago

cryptic rascal    

Welcome to keeping up with the odoms. Dont have too much to say , other than " why are they on tv to begin with... never seen show, because they look like pompous idiots in thier commercials, ugh. 15 minutes wayyy too much for this clan. maybe the son can slay a Philippino girl and Kris can be his attorney... or hulk hogan's kid..

411 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

The big Sasquatch Kloey barely has time to keep up with Lam-Lam's antics because she's home plucking her hairs. That hairy beast has got thick, course hair on her shoulders and back and back of her neck and nipples and top of her feet and don't forget the mustache. She's a big plucker. Her dad is OJ.

411 days ago
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