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Khloe Kardashian

Cracked After Lamar OD Rumors Spread

9/15/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian
still has deep feelings for the man she threw out of their house, because TMZ has learned she was terrified after hearing rumors Lamar Odom may have OD'd on crack.

Rumors were circulating late last week that Lamar had OD'd and was dying ... not all that unbelievable considering his drug addiction ... and when Khloe heard about it she freaked.

We're told Khloe "panicked" and began power dialing Lamar's cell phone, but it kept going to voicemail.  She then started calling his friends -- a bunch of them -- trying to figure out if the rumor was true.

She finally got Lamar on the phone.  He was at their downtown loft and said he was fine and the rumor was false. 

We're told at that point Khloe pulled back and reiterated -- Lamar could not come back home unless he got treatment for his drug addiction.  The call ended shortly thereafter.

So it seems she still loves the guy ... but had clearly drawn a line in the sand.


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Im the first to post a true post. This is either all for ratings, or shes scared hes filing for divorce an shes screwed. Hes the healthiest crack head ive ever seen. He knows he can deny it, but the kkk klan will come up with more proof to tear him down. Hes been playing ball, mb not his best since the lakers, but i dont know any crack head who can perform a tough sport an have practices all the time an his coaches never noticed. Something just doesnt add up....

404 days ago


So Far TMZ can prove Lamar Has a DUI. There is absolutely no evidence on TMZ website that even cir***stantial evidence proves Lamar Odoms has a Crack Cocaine Problem.

404 days ago


This is so sad what drugs does to a person. Imagine he would rather give up his life for a hit? This epidemic is heartbreaking! But I would be interested in known when he began using this? Was it the fame and accessiability that made him rampant! No wonder Kobe was mad with him. He knew Lamar was a closet crackhead.

404 days ago


if she truly care for him she would get behind him and do whatever it takes to help him, instead of letting her mother run a slander campaign via a short money hungry gay old man with a gossip site, in case of a divorce and a moronic reality show plot.

404 days ago


was this last week while she was posting all those pictures of herself?

404 days ago


Was the terrifying OD rumor before or after the rivoting chore boy photo? Please give this BS story a's so old now and getting harder to believe its anything more than a smear campaign.

404 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Lamar kick Wookie to the curb and send her back to the KarTrashians compund. Get on wit your life and get ready for the upcoming season. Put all those crappy people behind you.

404 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Yeah Kloey probably throws a similar tantrum when she runs out of hairspray or vodka. She needs to be devoting her full attention to losing weight, not this other foolishness. Let him OD and get it on camera.

404 days ago


Another planted story. She pulled back and said he couldn't come home? At what point did he say he wanted to? SHE freaked out and called him, SHE initiated the conversation. It's pretty clear if this is true that she is trying every way she can to talk to him and he just is over her. Why do these people think we care about these personal stories? They're over saturating the public with needless BS. Now it's time for Khloe to post another professional selfie on twitter or video tape herself singing and driving! Life is swell according to her actions so whoever is planting these stories isn't HER!

404 days ago


Please pray for lamar and his would break my heart if he succumbs over drugs....lets pray for everyone who has drug problems....lets pray for strength for them.

404 days ago


Omg!!!!! Another fake story....this is one sick family...

404 days ago


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404 days ago

psycho nurse    

If she truly gave a chit, this would be a personal private matter and not leaked to gossip web sites.

404 days ago


She needs to get off the rollercoaster of a drug addict and get on with her life.

404 days ago


Most logical explanation for ALL of the recent family DRAMA is this leads up to "BS PR" for their next "SCAMILY Project"...

NEVER believe what any of these GYPSIES say.

404 days ago
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