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Britney Spears

Big Concert Announcement

Desert, Helicopter, 567 Red Bulls

9/16/2013 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears
will spill the beans about her upcoming Vegas spectacular tomorrow, TMZ has learned -- and the announcement itself will be an extravaganza in the middle of nowhere.

We're told Britney will unveil plans for her big new Planet Hollywood show from an undisclosed location in the Mojave desert at around 4AM PT, and it will be broadcast live on "GMA."

It's going to be huge -- 1,350 participants will be bused from Vegas to the desert.  And get this ...  all attendees must be between 5' and 6' tall ... we don't know why.

As for Brit ... she'll be arriving via helicopter.

All told, we've learned the show announcing the show will cost roughly $100,000 -- including $27,176 to bus all the people (28 buses total), $4,200 for tents, and $5,154 for craft services ... which includes 2,100 bottles of water, coffee, 918 Gatorades, and 567 Red Bulls.

We're told Britney will be performing her new single "Work Bitch," and she'll then blast specifics about her new show that debuts in December.  In case you can't wait, we have a bunch of particulars, including  what she'll be raking in.

4 AM, huh.  Bets on lip-synching anyone?



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400 days ago


A talentless average looking mom gets her own show.. Y?

400 days ago


I love Britney and think shes a nice person but she just doesn't have it anymore. Since she had a breakdown shes just not been the same. Even though she was never a really good singer she was a great dancer and put on a hell of a show now she just looks bored on stage and lazy. She seems to want to just live a quiet life now with her kids but sadly that would never happen. This woman is a cash cow to her handlers and they will never stop her from working, and I doubt she will ever get control of her life again too as if shes free she will most likely do what she wants and they wouldn't be able to say anything. Christina Aguilera would of been much better to do these shows, she's much more confident and has the singing talent.

400 days ago


Regarding comment 40 by Leah. Britney has a nice body with big Boobs and has no problem showing it off. Why does this bother you so much? Could it be because you are a Jealous Lazy FAT PIG..

400 days ago


What kind of fool would spend money to see this tramp? I guess it's true a sucker is born every minute.

400 days ago

Flying Blind    

the only real singing going on there will be a fan singing along with the track.

400 days ago


Sunrise not until about 6:30am there, so figure some glow-in-the dark or neon thing with all these people lying down in some formation with aerial video. Don't know many Britney fans getting up to watch GMA.

400 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

She's a tubby, schitzo, lip-synching moron. That's what passes for entertainment these days?

400 days ago


I wonder who on GMA gets to introduce her new single "Work Bitch".

400 days ago


She gives me stiffness..I love it!

400 days ago


Trash, and big news. Typical TMZ fodder. I wouldn't pay to see her do anything.

400 days ago


Why must recycle washed up musicians and celebrities all the time? Surely there must be more talented performers out there. You would think after her embarrassing and extremely boring reality show with Popozow that her career would be dead and buried.
The nose job and veneers at age 14 were certainly a good investment for her parents.

400 days ago

Leopold butters Stotch     

She should get a job at the bunny ranch instead that would be better news.

400 days ago


Isn't this temple Priestess whore of Babylon stuff getting old? Even Plushies and wrecking balls are suing Mylie Cyrus. IS there anyone left who can't handle REAL porn that gets off on this tired crap? Is the audience for this still 5 year old boys whose parents prohibit internet access?

400 days ago


For the fan. The recording is taking place here,+-115.254650. They are making a two human puzzles for the new show

400 days ago
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