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Floyd's Baby Mama to GF

Karma's a Bitch ...

And So Is Floyd's Penis

9/17/2013 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s current GF better not get too comfortable ... because the boxing legend is banging at least SEVEN other women behind her back -- so claims Floyd's baby mama Josie Harris.

Harris called in to "TMZ Live" today to explain her beef with Floyd's on-again-off-again girlfriend Shantel Jackson, after Jackson allegedly ripped off her 10-year-old daughter's dress at the big fight in Vegas on Saturday ... but the beef wasn't the bombshell.

Harris is clearly pissed, but says Jackson has bigger things to worry about than some 10-year-old's dress ... namely Floyd's parade of women he's banging on the side. You gotta watch the clip!

All that said ... Harris still feels the designer who sold Jackson the same dress committed a "cardinal sin" in the fashion world. Listen below.



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No Avatar

Dead account Delete at will    

That was a good burn, Surprised she didn't end it with, Enjoy his herpes bi**h

366 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Shantel knows he's banging other women, she doesn't care. She's a paid ho. She came from nothing and now is living the high life. She knows the arrangement and she doesn't care as long as her bills are paid. Same with all the other women.

366 days ago

Peter Popoff    

When you get over 40 mil for a light days work Baby Mommas will come of the wood work talkin s.hit

366 days ago


Shantel is not dressed like a 10 year old!!!!!!!! Jirah is dressed like a 25 year old!!!!!!!! come on that's not a dress for a little girl, pleaseeeeeeeeeee let the little girl be a little girl, stop trying to make her look like a hooker.................grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr no sense whatsoever

366 days ago


Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s current GF better not get too comfortable ... because the boxing legend is banging at least SEVEN other TRANNYS behind her back --

366 days ago


The only cardinal sin committed here is that a 10 year old little girl is dressed up as "Pretty Woman"....poor baby

366 days ago

tmz addict    

too bad so sad ... you dont own ANYONE

366 days ago


josie needs to know her and stop running her mouth. she sounds bitter and sad

366 days ago


Josie needs to know her place and stop running her mouth. she sounds bitter and sad.

366 days ago


This woman thinks being bitter and nasty towards people who don't bother to even look her way is cute or is going to make her Floyd's number one is sadly mistaken. This is probably one of the main reasons he did not stay with this woman. She's clearly a difficult person to deal with and has the mindset of a 13 year old. This is some petty high school crap. She's the only one running her mouth. Ms. Jackson or anyone else is Floyd's camp is not wasting their time mentioning this low class woman's name. The only reason she has any access to Floyd's lifestyle and money is because they have kids together otherwise I'm sure he would have stopped interacting with this woman a long time ago. I definitely wouldn't want to be around her. She's clearly one of those people who play nice and start trash talking before you're even out of sight.

366 days ago


You'd think one of her friends would tell her she looks AWFUL without a bra.

366 days ago


If she claims he's sleeping with 7 other women why is she not harassing them too. She obviously has it out for Ms. Jackson.

366 days ago


I'm more pissed off that the mother let her 10 year old daughter out in public dressed like that...the gf is a grown woman, and can dress as skanky as she needs to attract male attention, but wtf was the mother thinking with her 10 year old daughter!?! Totally disgusting in my opinion.

366 days ago


Sorry... Maybe I don't get modern fashion... But I don't feel that dress is appropriate for a 10yr old... As a parent would be far more pissed at the design and less concerned with someone who may or may not have copied it... Although it is a little disturbing that the girlfriend obviously copied the 10yr old daughter'a dress!

366 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

The sin is that this woman is still fertile.

366 days ago
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