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Drake & The Game

We'll Help Pay for Funerals

After 5 Kids Die In Tragic Ohio Housefire

9/17/2013 2:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Drake and The Game are teaming up to help cover funeral costs for 6 people -- including 5 young siblings -- who died in a tragic house fire in Ohio ... even though the rappers didn't know the victims.

The Game got the ball rolling after learning about Anna Angel -- who was working her shift at Burger King when a fire consumed her home while her 5 young children and her boyfriend were trapped inside. There were no survivors.

Game Instagram'd about the tragedy ... saying, "I can deal with a lot of things but people losing their children is something that kills me every time."

The Game -- who recently pledged to donate $1 million dollars to people in need as part of his Robin Hood project -- says he was on the phone with Drake when he read about the woman's loss ... and they each agreed to donate $10,000 to help Anna cover the burial costs.

Drake later posted about the situation ... saying, "What [The Game] is doing will never be forgotten. Honored to be able to help people along side my brother."

In addition to their $20K ... the producers of Game'sTV show, "Marrying the Game" also pitched in $2,500.

As we previously reported, Game recently donated several thousand dollars to help out with another funeral after a 6-year-old girl was shot and killed in front of her home. Snoop also pitched in after learning about Game's contribution.


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Hey stupid Scott Kardashian, this is what you're suppose to do with money you claim you have so much of and don't need. Kudos to these REAL men.

345 days ago


Hats off to drake and the game it's nice to see there are wealthy stars who don't feel they are entitled to everything and everyone kissing there ass!! Hey Kanye take notes see how real men act!!

345 days ago


I just wanted to post, it's great seeing something positive (albeit it very very tragic) be posted on TMZ. Thank you to Drake and The Game, how selfless.

345 days ago


My heart is heavy for this woman:( my respect for drake And game just went through the roof. These are the kinds of things celebrities should be doing .

345 days ago


The game sexxy!!

345 days ago

Bridget Feasel    

You guys are very generous and kind for helping Anna Angel out in her time of need I wanted to say thank you very much and it will never be forgotten

345 days ago

Barb Worstine    

Although I did not know the family -I know people in the same town. What these men have pledged 2 do is absolutely amazing. I've seen several comments on this & other sites that have been both disrespectful & uncalled 4. Why do people have 2 be so awful -& especially after such a tragedy? Yes, she had 5 children, 5 yrs in a row. Yes, she worked @ Burger King(4 the past 5 yrs...which BTW, is longer than most manage 2 hold @ 1 place) Yes, they lived in a trailer park w/no means of transportation but bicycles (which she raced from work on when she was told her home was on fire -can u only imagine what was going thru her mind?). Most people making these negative comments about her, don't know... Until the doors were closed after 7 + yrs employment, she did have a job w/decent wages & benefits @ that time she owned a home/car -until she couldn't the bank took them back. She, as most of do in r own lives, did her absolute best 2 make things work. They had very little. But @ the end of the day, when there was next 2 nothing...she had her family...& that's all that really ever matters, right? Now she has nothing...absolutely...nothing. I lost my own son 5 yrs ago in childbirth -but never having made memories w/him -although I was heartbroken, made it easier 4 me 2 deal with. I can't even fathom the anguish & emptiness that she feels after losing not 1, but 5 children + the man she shared them & her life with. She will never be right again. I'm not weak -but after something like this...I'd only want 2 be w/them. I honestly don't think I could live w/out my own 3 children & husband. May God bless their souls & keep her safe & able 2 find some kind of peace 4 the rest of her life.

345 days ago


I am from Tiffin, Ohio. This is a very small community who like the rest of the nation has been hit hard by economic troubles. A lot of the community pulled together to try put donations together but reality is probably never would have been able to do what these men have done. This was more than a blessing. It was Ana's miracle. I did not know her personally but I have friends and family who did and many of them said it made such a big difference by providing her comfort in this tragedy to know that her loved ones can be laid to rest in nothing but the best. To the Game, Drake, & The producers involved.. This act of kindness will never be forgotten by a whole community. May god bless you the way you did this young lady and her family. I believe you are truely God's Angels not only for the difference you made here but for the generosity you give each and everyday. You did what most people want to do more than anything..You clearly made a difference in somebody's life. And to those of you full of negative comments... Did any of you pledged to give anything to this family in need? Do any of you know what any individual celebrity or not does with " their" finances? Meaning you do not know to whom or what they donate or give to on a daily basis ?? So negative judgments and comments only shows your personal ignorance and inhumane personality and quite frankly are uncalled for. A tragedy like this with any act of generosity should not be made negative.

345 days ago

Reenie Reen    

I live 20 minutes from where this happened and it's so devastating. May God help heal her heart and soul. Her story is touching and no one should judge because no one would want to be in her shoes right now. You keep being strong as you can, cry when you need to cry.. prayers for you and your family. Game and Drake this just shows you are real people too regardless of "where you started" ..... may you stay blessed to keep blessing

345 days ago

Lovin life!!!    

This is really nice of drake and the game God bless her family and drakes and game. this is so sad.

345 days ago


I wish more artists would do this I think the poverty and the crime rate would go down if more money would go towards schools and low income families. God bless them both for helping this precious family!!

345 days ago


Very nice of them.

345 days ago


Now that's real class... your good deeds will come back to you threefold.

345 days ago

King of Coast    

The Game is Dope S/O 2 Drizzy also

345 days ago

King of Coast    


345 days ago
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