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Whitney Houston

Cop Claims Sgt.

Ogled Her Naked Dead Body

9/18/2013 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


A Beverly Hills cop allegedly sneaked a peek at Whitney Houston's dead body and then ogled out loud ... but law enforcement sources tell us the allegation is bogus.

The incident allegedly occurred in the Beverly Hilton Hotel suite where Houston was found dead in a bathroom back in February, 2012. 

Officer Brian Weir claims the Sergeant removed the sheet covering the body below her genitals and blurted out, "Damn, she's still looking good, huh?"  For bad measure the cop allegedly added she "looked attractive for a woman of her age and current state."

Now here's what's suspicious ... Officer Weir filed a complaint with the California Department of Labor, claiming the Beverly Hills Police Dept. retaliated against him for lodging a complaint against the Sgt. and says he was removed from his position with the SWAT and K-9 Units.

Weir says he complained to his supervisor shortly after Houston died.  But law enforcement sources tell us ... Weir NEVER uttered a peep about the alleged incident.  There is NO record of any complaint ... period.  We're told cops didn't ever know Weir had beef until they heard about it Monday.

One law enforcement source calls Weir's complaint "sour grapes."

Weir says he's been harassed and stripped of privileges since allegedly reporting the incident.  But our sources say it's a bogus claim.



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You guys will print anything...

379 days ago


Methinks you have the meaning of "ogle" incorrectly applied in the body of this piece. Ogling has no volume, as in "out loud."

379 days ago


WTF? You "writers" are IDIOTS! If an officer speaks to a superior and the superior makes no written record of the complaint there may be NO record of it and it would seem it NEVER happened. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. (btw What's with all the CAPS emphasis? Are you trying to be OutWeek? Nevermind, since you have NO historical perspective WHATSOEVER you would have no idea what OutWeek was.)

379 days ago


I'm sure this happens all the time. Annnnd true or not, I'd say the cop should probably just keep his face shut,

379 days ago


TMz Grow the hell up already.......Stories like this is nothing but trash can fillers.....TMZ use to be the Premier gossip go to site.....before you turned into into the worst site on the net...and drive off a hell of a lot of your day to day commentators.....I've been a loyal TMZ fan for about as long as you have been on the net ...but no longer...there is nothing on this site but character assassinations payed by someone...or your own writers narrow conception of what is racist and what is not....they jump at anything or deliberately take things out of context to make a headline....
You have narrowed you focus down to stories about Rappers most people never heard of or want to hear off...Sports stars who have more money then brains and female asses and boobs...that's all you have and a police blotter for the stars.... who's doing drugs or has done drugs, or are going do drugs.
All in all you have gone from the top of the mountain down to swimming in Hollywood's cesspool.....
Used to you could say TMZ and people would smile and talk they Run.....
So please get back to the real entertainment ..
So most of you are gay ...we get it ..but we don't need it pounded into the ground every day... Same goes for being Jewish and the Jewish jokes... Its like that commercial on TV with the camel walking through the office asking everybody what day is it..and their reaction to him asking ......Hump day...We get it.....
Lord knows you have to know...just look at your numbers of comments.....Use to you could pull in over 500 on each story now your lucky to get 50.....
Just a word of advice from someone who USE to be a loyal fan.....Guess I will see you on ROL were most of your former regular crowd has migrated to......and you have only your writers to blame.....

379 days ago

Theresa Q    

Good God, you low life bums. Did *any* of this really need to come out?

379 days ago

miss b    


This woman's family had gone through enough already.

379 days ago


I am still pissed at her for letting drugs kill her and leaving her daughter without a mother, even if she was a bad mother, she was still a mother.

379 days ago

jimmy d    

Done already in tom petty video

379 days ago

Mabel Leaf    

They don't call them pigs for nothing.

379 days ago


Hey, she was a good looking woman with a smokin' little body. EVERY cop in there checked her out and those who say they didn't are just liars. Come on people, it's not like someone molested a corpse here.

379 days ago

Sam Brown    

What the cop ACTUALY SAID was, "now that one dead nappy head whore!".

379 days ago


If true, so what?

379 days ago

Sam Brown    

what the cop ACTUALY said was, "now that one dead nappy head crack whore!".

379 days ago



379 days ago
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