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Whitney Houston

Cop Claims Sgt.

Ogled Her Naked Dead Body

9/18/2013 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


A Beverly Hills cop allegedly sneaked a peek at Whitney Houston's dead body and then ogled out loud ... but law enforcement sources tell us the allegation is bogus.

The incident allegedly occurred in the Beverly Hilton Hotel suite where Houston was found dead in a bathroom back in February, 2012. 

Officer Brian Weir claims the Sergeant removed the sheet covering the body below her genitals and blurted out, "Damn, she's still looking good, huh?"  For bad measure the cop allegedly added she "looked attractive for a woman of her age and current state."

Now here's what's suspicious ... Officer Weir filed a complaint with the California Department of Labor, claiming the Beverly Hills Police Dept. retaliated against him for lodging a complaint against the Sgt. and says he was removed from his position with the SWAT and K-9 Units.

Weir says he complained to his supervisor shortly after Houston died.  But law enforcement sources tell us ... Weir NEVER uttered a peep about the alleged incident.  There is NO record of any complaint ... period.  We're told cops didn't ever know Weir had beef until they heard about it Monday.

One law enforcement source calls Weir's complaint "sour grapes."

Weir says he's been harassed and stripped of privileges since allegedly reporting the incident.  But our sources say it's a bogus claim.



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personally I would have said a prayer over it.. g r h s, then got a good laugh.. hey my uncles a mortician
funnest person I know.

369 days ago


It's not like he screwed her dead body. He just took a peak; she was a celebrity.

369 days ago

Whatever you want it to be    

Why tell us now? Especially after the fact when there is no eveidence, just TMZ. I just figure out what TMZ means - This Means Zero

369 days ago


I am sure she still looks good now. She was a beautiful lady.

369 days ago


Rough work produces rough talk and tacky humor. What is said amongst cops is supposed to stay there. Weir had an ax to grind and was way out of line talking publicly. Definitely not news.

369 days ago


When I die, I hope they say I'm still looking good!

369 days ago

kendra bethune    

did you find o-town out of retirement yesterday on my
behalf on the show i watched that was a nice thought but i make comments only i tryed to hire val kilmer to be a bodyguard in case i need one when i was on his fan club

369 days ago


Maybe he did file and they swept it under the rug.....And by him filing that's why he was probably forced and kicked out of his positions all this time. So ENOUGH is ENOUGH and he finally wanted justice done!!!

368 days ago


I get so tired of reading these threads and seeing ppl say "this is not news, TMZ" or "post REAL news, TMZ". If you want REAL news, go to fox or CNN's websites. Otherwise, shut the f.uck up.

368 days ago


When official people at death scenes are very cold
they have to be that way to actually; deal with all
the sick things they see. i myself saw a friend die
right beside me he was thrown from car so i went
right beside him,his new cowboy boots were thrown
from his feet the firemen liked them they were saying what size are they ,then they were gone
never to be seen again i was hurt and in shock
so i did not react. I know people who are in this buisnes also,lots of story....i was 16 years old at the time hey it is great that you have stopped talking about that famous family lol

368 days ago


I believe it!! My ex-hubby's family all work in law enforcement and in the morgue. On more than one occasion (back in the 90's) when the guys could smoke cigars while working on the bodies they would drop their cigar butts in the bodies and sew them back up. Absolutely disgusting but not out of the ordinary. Many nuts in this line of work!!!

367 days ago
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