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'Big Brother' Star Aaryn Gries

I'm Working Out My Racist Demons

9/20/2013 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Big Brother" contestant Aaryn Gries is finally coming clean, admitting she talks like a racist ... but she insists it doesn't make her one.

Gries tells TMZ she's been making racial jokes for years  ... but had no idea they were offensive because "no one had expressed that I was taken that way."

Gries says she wishes someone had warned her before going into the BB house ...  that making these "jokes" on national TV would paint her as a big ol' racist.

"I am not a racist," she says, adding, "Sometimes you can say mindless things that will haunt you."

Aaryn also apologized for throwing Texas under the bus when Julie Chen asked if she was a racist during her exit interview from the house -- explaining, "Blaming Texas was the biggest mistake I made ... I was in defense mode."

Guess Aaryn forgot about the gay housemate she called a "queer" ... and all the Asian people she mocked ... and the African Americans ...



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So what she made some statements that were offensive its no worse than any of you have ever said do knock off the pious bullshlt.

397 days ago


LOL WHAT???!!!...I wish someone would have told me that the racist jokes that I've been telling for years would get me in trouble on national tv.....LMFAO....seriously? >>>>>>>BTW I watched the show and went on the spoilers sites GinaMarie was just as racist as Aaryn ...if not more.....GinaMarie said the N word a few times along with saying something racially offensive 3 times/week at least. I watched her and GinaMarie laugh out loud and high five after trading racist Asian remarks. The winner Andy is a horrible little sh*t too...spending HOURS every day bashing Elissa like he was a 15 yr old girl with an obsession. Spencer, Amanda and McCrap were awful people too. IT WASN'T JUST AARYN.

397 days ago


Here is how to work out your racist demons: JUST SHUT UP.

397 days ago


On August 16th, the runner-up Gina Marie said the black contestant was hot but she would never date him because she doesn't date outside her species. I don't care that she doesn't date black men, but it's disgusting for her to suggest black people are something other than human beings.

397 days ago


I'll help her get it out out.

397 days ago


Only thing worse than racism is reality TV. When will they all apologize for that?

397 days ago


people seem to be saying the n word now more than in the past 2 years, at dinner tables around the country its said all the time, watching football, its said all the time, while driving in a car, its said all the time, watching the news, its said all the time....its completely an attitude now not a color and NOT what it originally was meant

397 days ago


That was the best her publicist (the one her mom hired) could come up with? She's cute, but her personality is a deal breaker. Two other BB winners have won solely because they were cute and sweet (Brittany and Jordan). Aaryn should have taken a hint.

397 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

Now that she's in L.A. she should take a stroll down to Chinatown... rumor has it they make a mean rice there.
Also, Hone Bee's makes great pancakes, the only problem is that those pancakes are most certainly made by Mexicans... how does Aaryn Gries feel about the Latino community?

397 days ago


She said it, she meant it and now it will be on the internet forever for her viewing pleasure! She is only sorry now because her true colors have been found out.

397 days ago


She's just doing what her mama taught her. First deny deny deny, and if everyone's too smart to fall for that, it's time to say you'll change your ways. The PR people her mom hired are already earning their pay. Hate her. The pain on Howard's face made me stop watching BB for the first time in 14 years. She's not alone tho, Amanda and GinaMarie were EQUALLY as awful.

397 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

She wasn't joking... she was in full fledged racist mode constantly and on a daily basis

397 days ago


I read that her reaction to getting fired, was "well, there are 6 better agencies wanting to hire me now, so I guess it worked out well for me!" (paraphrase)

What a disgusting person.

397 days ago


Demons be GONE!

397 days ago

Lucky Lucy    

I guess Aaryn's PR firm is working hard to polish this turd and here's the evidence.

397 days ago
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