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'Big Brother' Star Aaryn Gries

I'm Working Out My Racist Demons

9/20/2013 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Big Brother" contestant Aaryn Gries is finally coming clean, admitting she talks like a racist ... but she insists it doesn't make her one.

Gries tells TMZ she's been making racial jokes for years  ... but had no idea they were offensive because "no one had expressed that I was taken that way."

Gries says she wishes someone had warned her before going into the BB house ...  that making these "jokes" on national TV would paint her as a big ol' racist.

"I am not a racist," she says, adding, "Sometimes you can say mindless things that will haunt you."

Aaryn also apologized for throwing Texas under the bus when Julie Chen asked if she was a racist during her exit interview from the house -- explaining, "Blaming Texas was the biggest mistake I made ... I was in defense mode."

Guess Aaryn forgot about the gay housemate she called a "queer" ... and all the Asian people she mocked ... and the African Americans ...



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tmz addict    

lmfao regular working people being put on tv and demonized

395 days ago

tmz addict    

its just funny how you accuse her if she could not be trusted around people of any different race

395 days ago


"Warned her"?? Is she a complete moron? She doesn't know that everything one says (racist and otherwise) on BB is broadcast nationally?

395 days ago


Seriously, I don't think she is a racist. I think that she just made a few bad choices in judgment and these things came out. I think she is sorry for saying them, and she will learn from this.

But I do have one question. I am not condoning this kind of behavior, but what if the roles were reversed? What if it were one of the African Americans saying this about the whites? As an example, what if Candice had said these things about Aaryn? Would there be this same uproar? Would there be so much backlash against her? I really don't think so. And that's a problem.

395 days ago


we need to invite her to a Mandingo Party!

395 days ago

tmz addict    

Omg Hug it out

395 days ago


She can sing a stirring rendition of "Mammie".

395 days ago


There is a difference between "racist" and inappropriate banter and/or joking. And that has become really lost on a lot of people. Inappropriate racial comments are fundamentally and theoretically wrong in any occasion, but leeway can be somewhat acceptable and understood if it is done in the context of art or entertainment. That is why so many comedians get away with it and why it is acceptable in movies, also. Or scripted shows. I would argue that a show like this is mostly scripted and participants are encouraged to be controversial. On the other hand, a "racist" believes that another race is substandard. I don't think I saw that here. This is more along the lines of tasteless bantering. Why is no one speaking out against the network who aired this? Or the producers who let this be in a final cut? They are the ones who are really to blame. But, oh, I forgot, they thrive on controversy. They want this. Which makes it all the more sick. Aaryn, you have very little to apologize for. A very short and simple apology, and then an exposure of the truth will make you a hero.

395 days ago


Blah blah blah... So sick of "I'm from the south", "I'm from Texas", "this is how we talk in the hood"... You're racist, uneducated, and lame. Also, this chick was on Big Brother, which means she is not worth talking about or reporting on in the future.

395 days ago


The spelling of her name makes me suspect she was raised in a racist environment. This doesn't excuse her behavior, but it does go a long way to explaining why she saw nothing wrong with it.

395 days ago

BB not bb    

Who cares???? They are just busting her chops. They want to see her grovel and beg for forgiveness for doing noting. They all sound like babbling fools on that show. I think this is mind control and thought control.

She shouldn't say sorry for any of it. If she didn't mean it in a bad way, why are people making an issue of it? They just want her to submit her mind to their programming. It is stupid.

Why do you thin this show is called Big Brother? It is from the book 1984 on fascism that showed the hell society would be from using these techniques. It is called thought crimes. She had thought crimes for thinking that she was funny. Now she must be forced to repent and beg forgiveness of the big brother society.

Sheeple wake up. You are supporting Big Brother by harassing this lady.

395 days ago


Also, one more thing. Why is there so much focus on Aaryn? She was not the only one to make comments like this. However, she is the only one being blasted for it. There were sixteen people in that house, and of those sixteen, at least half of them made comments like this or worse. So why is Aaryn the only one getting the backlash.

395 days ago


I am not picking up what she is throwing down .

395 days ago


Home, home on the range ... where the deer and the antelope play ... YAWN! What else is new?

395 days ago

Pablo Escabar    

It's racist--so what!

395 days ago
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