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Ex-New England Patriots' Star

Parents Threaten To Sue

For Outing Hooligan Kids

9/20/2013 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A former star player for the New England Patriots has been threatened with a lawsuit by delusional parents who claim he's ruined the lives of their kids by exposing a drug/alcohol fueled party at his home.

Brian Holloway tells TMZ, "I blew way past furious" when he discovered several hundred teenagers broke into his vacation home outside Albany, NY over Labor Day weekend. 

The kids started tweeting and Instagramming madly inside, posting photos of what looked like a scene out of "Animal House."

Holloway went ballistic, created a website -- helpmesave300 -- and started posting pictures of the damage, as well as the tweets from some of the partygoers -- and those tweets ID'd the kids.

Holloway tells TMZ ... he's been told by the Sheriff's Dept. some of the parents are furious because their poor kids have now been exposed.  Some bitch that it will hurt their chances of getting into college.  Others whine their poor kiddies are being harassed at school.  And they actually have the audacity to threaten a lawsuit.

Holloway says there was plenty of evidence of drugs at the party, including crack and meth.  And, of course, a river of alcohol.

He says it's gonna cost $20 - $40k to repair the damage.

The parents should try and bottle their chutzpah and sell it.  They could make enough to pay for the damage.

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The PARENTS should be sued for the damages their KIDS inflicted! Instead of worrying about going after the person who's property YOUR CHILDREN destroyed how about punishing them until they are 30 and INSIST they pay for the damages. These parents understand that these "kids" broke into a home, partied with drugs and alcohol, DESTROYED the premises and then had the AUDACITY to put it on social media??? Put the whole lot of them in jails!!!!!

398 days ago


More names of these criminal savages - Tyler LeBlanc, Tyler Skaarup, Mick Byrnes, Scott Bentley, Stephen Feathers, Malcolm Shivers, Taylor Thornton, Cody Blain, Mitchell Goyer, Courtney Gardner, Olivia Manske, Hailee Walker, Kaileigh Zakrewski, Ethan Le, David Sullivan. DO NOT HIRE OR RENT TO ANY OF THESE PIGS.

398 days ago


Horrible parents usually make horrible kids. I don't feel sorry for them AT ALL. I feel sorry for the poor man whose house was trashed. The parents should be ashamed to have children that would do such a disgusting thing like this.

398 days ago


Looks like a lot more than $20,000 in damages. Mike Leffler, are you going to take responsibility for what you did to this man's house?

398 days ago

Buck Ofama    

Maybe some of us pay a visit to these "parents" (******* enablers) at THEIR homes and "discuss"the folly of litigation? Nipples, testicles, and kneecaps?

398 days ago


This world never ceases to amaze me. Sad part is, these kids are crap to begin with and this incident will do nothing to change it. We'll probably see fake mea culpa's brought on by the advice of attorney's in order to put lawsuits at bay. Trash with money is still trash.

398 days ago


these parents are the reason these kids are the messed up idiots they are today. Thanks for enabling them and not making them accountable for their actions. Good parenting. NOT!!!!!

398 days ago


Good on the guy. Tired of the hug a thug mentality that lets these kinds of little a-holes get away with a slap on the wrist. Sue the parents.

398 days ago


David LeBlanc, Tyler Skaarup, Mick Byrnes, Scott Bentley, Stephen Feathers, Malcolm Shivers, Taylor Thornton, Cody Blain, Mitchell Goyer, Courtney Gardner, Olivia Manske, Hailee Walker, Kaileigh Zakrewski, Ethan Le, David Sullivan, Anthony Zotto, Ricky Roden, Chris Warren, Stephaun, Grinage, Wesley Fallon, Amanda Brielle, Juan Santana, Megan Fitzpatrick, Bobby Herrick, Ryan Darcy, Eddie Moss, Ryan Hart, Tanner Glass, and Steph Stemas.

398 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

I thought the kids pretty much outed themselves. I hope the parents are forced to pay restitution and whatever they would call pain and suffering just because they don't seem to care what their little monsters do. If any of those were my kids me and them would have been the first people there for a clean-up after they apologized, and they would have been the last ones to leave after the whole place was cleaned up ... and that would have just been starters for them.

398 days ago


The parents sound like complete azz holes. The azz hole kids are just a product of the apple that didn't fall far from the trailer trash tree.

398 days ago


What a crock of crap! The parents are jokes and that's why their questionable offspring did this in the first place. What happened to people respecting others and their belongings? Oh wait, more and more think that if they want it, it should be theirs. Mr. Holloway, PRESS CHARGES for whatever you can and then sue the pants off of each family and hopefully own their homes!!!

398 days ago


You know what's funny? He isn't suing the parents or the kids for ruining his house. They're suing him.

398 days ago


Why are we surprised? Look at the kids they have raised. They don't care about anyone but themselves. Disgraceful parents. Disgraceful kids.

398 days ago


Where was all this outrage when their children were destroying Holloway's property? Instead of covering up their children's crud maybe these people should act like real parents and make their children take responsibility for their actions. I saw this story on the news and Holloway said that only one child came forward to assist in clean-up.

Maybe Holloway should sue these parents for unleashing terrors into society.

398 days ago
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