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Britney Spears

Pumped Her Pepsi $$$

Into Coke

9/20/2013 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0919-britney-spears-money-stocksTalk about a slap in the face -- after earning $8 MILLION from her infamous Pepsi deal back in 2001, Britney Spears went turncoat by investing in Coca-Cola!

We've obtained new docs in Britney's conservatorship case, which detail her investment portfolio, including her overall gains and losses for the year 2012 -- the most intriguing part is what she dumped into Pepsi's arch enemy.

Britney sold 574 shares of Coke for a modest profit of $3,238.55. She held on to 208 shares. As for Pepsi ... it's nowhere to be found in her portfolio.

Brit sold a few other random stocks for a profit -- including AT&T and Deere & Co. -- but it wasn't all gravy: she lost $640.13 on McDonald's and $1,277.38 on Chipotle.  She eats at both places enough that you'd think the stock would be worth more.

Overall, Brit netted $97,883 last year in stock earnings ... not bad, but for her it's chump change (she'll earn more than triple that PER SHOW in Vegas).

As for her other holdings: Chevron, Microsoft, Phillip Morris, Heinz, Nestle, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Lululemon, and Visa. Nothing too risky.  In all, Brit has just shy of $13 mil of her conservatorship money in the market.

As for blowing off Pepsi, we don't dispense investment advice -- BUT PepsiCo has shown pretty consistent growth since the 80s ... so we gotta ask ...


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The New Improved Sock Puppet    

I do not know how that woman is going to stand up to the rigors of headlining a Vegas show. I don't think her emotional state is in that stable of a state. I think her handlers knew exactly what buttons to push to get the maximum $$ benefit out of her before it's too late.

365 days ago


Coke is the REAL THING!

365 days ago


You think this hillbilly inbreed really know what stocks she has, buys or sells? Bitch please

365 days ago


That's her personal business.. has nothing to do with endorsements. This site is usually cruel towards Entertainers.

365 days ago

Jim in Cali    

TMZ with another stupid irrelevant Britney story. Only they would care about what stock she's iinvesting in.

365 days ago


Sorry but COKE just tastes better. That's why Coke doesn't spend millions of dollars in celebs to endorse their drink. The drink speaks for itself. It's just better. No one she invested in them instead of Pepsi

365 days ago


The worst thing is that she was investing in Coke while she was on the X Factor which was being sponsored by Pepsi and help reignite her career. What a slap in the face to Pepsi.

365 days ago

rick hartsock    

She needs to FIRE her investment manager. She made less than 1% on her money! $13,000,000 invested, and she made $98,000! You get a better interest rate in a checking account! You could throw a dart at the ticker symbol sheet and make more than 1%!

365 days ago


Anyone notice that Wade Robinson the guy she 'allegedly' cheated on Justin with is in this commercial too?

365 days ago


I love the shot of Wade Robson at the end of that Pepsi clip... Isn't this right around the time he broke up Brit Brit and JT???

364 days ago


It appears that TMZ is assuming Britney actually has control of these investments. Like she has a clue. Her parents or investment advisers handle that.

364 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

yikes. tmz has the moral authority to spill britney spear's financial investments all over their site?? wow. you folks have no shame or something. this is crazy. and $13 million for some chick who worked her rear end off all her life, and who now has absolutely zero to show for it, $13 is nothing. she would have been better off not having become a global superstar, and just living some normal life as a southern girl. look at what she has now, for having been made a 'mega superstar'. she is eternally joined with kevin federline, paying for his luxury, to adnan the psychopathic terrorist, all her creepy agents and managers, etc. i do not think this was a 'pay off' for the massive effort that lays behind her. she is a cheap media slut now, who can be used to blow up other folks careers and or projects, while she's stretching a dollar to make ends meet. unbelievable. $13 million ain't chit. let me tell you that, you math whizzes.

364 days ago


Britney never liked Pepsi, and was only with them for the money. She got in trouble several times for drinking her preferred beverage Coke, while she had the deal with Pepsi.

363 days ago


You have lost your damn minds if you think Britney Spears has at any point in her life ever been responsible for her own investments.

363 days ago
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