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Ex-Patriots Star Brian Holloway

Neighbors Call B.S.

On House-Trashing

9/22/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The plot thickens in the story of ex-New England Patriots player Brian Holloway ... who went ballistic after his New York home was trashed by a horde of rowdy, drunken teen vandals.  Turns out the house was already in disrepair and in FORECLOSURE, and his neighbors smell a rat.

TMZ has learned ... Holloway owes a whopping $1,006,348.80 on the house ... it appears he was delinquent on paying his mortgage and the bank then demanded payment of the entire balance.

Brian hasn't lived in the home for a long time -- he's in Florida -- and neighbors tell us they thought the house was abandoned.  In fact, before the blow-out bash, neighbors say kids staged a number of parties in the house -- which has no furniture.

Neighbors think the kids who Brian is now attacking are getting a bad rap.  They say there was already plenty of damage to the home before the party in question -- broken doors and damaged floors.  And ... there was plenty of preexisting graffiti covering the walls.

Some neighbors are suspicious of Brian's motive in requesting financial help to pay for repairs on his PayPal account.  They think he's trying to create sympathy so money floods in and he can save his house.

As for Brian ... he tells TMZ there was some preexisting damage, but the 300 hooligans really trashed his crib.  He also says he's been trying to renegotiate with the bank for 2 years.

The clock is ticking -- the foreclosure sale is set for Oct. 29.

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No Avatar


It seemed VERY strange that he claims he and his son were watching real time pics posted to social media sites yet, he didn't call the cops when the pics were posted to "crash" the party! Seems strange you are upset about your house trashed but yet did nothing when you were supposedly watching it happen!

397 days ago


So that excuses 300 brats trashing it further?

397 days ago

Jimmy Rustle    

And if one of those kids got hurt at this illegal party, the parents would be so quick to sue. These kids need to be prosecuted. they trespassed & destroyed private property. End of story.

397 days ago


Wow! The parents are really staging a campaign now. Just because he not living there and behind on mortgages payment doesn't open to partying in vacant houses.

397 days ago

Chris Lock    

"Neighbors think the kids are getting a bad rap."

This is the dumbest article on TMZ in a while. Until the house is foreclosed on, it is still his house and he is responsible for any damage that occurs to it if the bank takes it back. The decreased value as a result of the vandalism will be passed on to him through the deficiency judgment after its sold.

The kids trespassed onto his property and their names should be blasted all over the internet for trespassing alone, even more so for the vandalism.

Why don't the neighbors say who they are and let the kids party at their place?

397 days ago

Jimmy Rustle    

WOW! This Holloway guy is some mastermind. He damaged the house in 1999 and doesn't want to repair it. So he decides he'll wait 12 years, default on the loan, then negotiate with the bank for better terms for 2 more years, then he'll sit back and wait for 300 local kids to party and further damage the home so he can make a public case for donations so he can finally repair the home and settle up with the bank. Genius plan.

397 days ago


So the neighbors knew their kids were going into that house to party even though it didn't belong to them. They just don't get it that it's against the law to trespass and destroy .

397 days ago


The kids were wrong to trespass and should be held accountable for that - no question. Private property is private property. BUT I hope that this information is at least slightly eye opening for people who were so quick to fork over their hard earned money because they felt sorry for the guy. There are causes more worthy of your money than digging a former NFL star out of a million dollar mortgage debt.

397 days ago


The next time one of those neighbors are out of town, please leave your door unlocked so the kids won't have a hard time getting in. Let the brats party in your house.

397 days ago


There are 300 kids who need to be arraigned on charges of breaking and entering, destruction of property, etc.--and I think they should be charged as adults. Or is this going to be another situation of the parents winning and their immature brats getting a free pass? Reminds me of a teacher getting fired in the midwest a few years ago for failing cheating students in her class. The parents complained en masse and got their brats off the hook--despite them getting expelled.

397 days ago


just because the house was already in disrepair doesn't give brats the right to break in and enter someone's home n party.. charge em!

397 days ago


it doesn't matter if the house was in foreclosure, or just a vacation house, or whatever. it's still breaking and entering, trespassing, vandalism, etc.

397 days ago


Why is he wanting money to fix up a home he will soon lose anyway?

397 days ago


A Foreclosure does not let the Neighbors Kids off the Hook, all it does is Lets the Bank who would own the house file Criminal Charges and sue the Parents for damages. The Kids and their parents are getting off easy with Holloway.

397 days ago


Hahaha I Think these disrespectful kids...set themselves a trap :) Just because a place is in disrepair does not mean it can be trespassed :)
They should be made to fix it all up now ... serves them right maybe they will learn a valuable lesson here!
Plus maybe this was Brian's big save because while there is a court action the place becomes frozen to sale, I would think.

397 days ago
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