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Emmy Winner Peter MacNicol

Cory Tribute is Great

... For Drug Awareness

9/22/2013 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Emmy winner Peter MacNicol is not buying what Jack Klugman's angry son is selling because Peter thinks the tribute to Cory Monteith could actually save lives.

MacNicol -- who won an Emmy for "Ally McBeal" and also starred in classics like "Ghostbusters II" and "Sophie's Choice" -- tells TMZ tonight's tribute to Cory will create enormous drug awareness and possibly reach thousands of teens on a path of destruction.

Peter doesn't think it matters that Cory died without a single Emmy. He says, "If we are going to get into a merit system based on longevity then we are in trouble."

Tell that to Adam Klugman -- who is furious that his 3-time Emmy winning deceased father is barely getting a mention at tonight's ceremony.

But MacNicol says, "The memoriam is not only to honor those who completed a full marathon."


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Hey Peter MacNicol, do my name.

Never had a reason to dislike you, until just now.

404 days ago


The Emmys aren't to promote drug abuse awareness, they are for the entertainment industry to honor itself. Klugman contributed a lot, and should be remembered for it. Too bad JK's death coincided with Monteith's and thus kicked him to the curb. I think teens are already aware of Monteith's drug-related death anyway. Klugman was robbed.

404 days ago


Tribute dead junkie loser with no talent but forget some pillars of old school acting. Self absorbed idiots running Emmys this yr

404 days ago


the memoriam thing is to honor those who were part of hollywood like legends like jack who have gone on to heaven . for if it was only for those who won awards then a lot of hollywood legends would never be mention for these so called in memoriam things.

404 days ago


Cory's career was a fart in the wind.
What pray tell would he have done after GLEE,since he was such a dud there?

404 days ago


They do mention everybody. I tell you what, do an extensive montage for all the deaths and no awards cuz the show will be over

404 days ago


I fully understand him being included in the memorium tape but do we really want to begin in new trend of honoring drug addicts with a career spanning a short time and accomplishing the equivalent of Zachary Enron's high school musical. His mother has a hell of a lot of nerve saying jack klugman's son is only complaining because he misses his father. Look in a mirror lady!!!! You don't just honor because of a "fad" or an age demographic.
Rock on jack klugman's and let's not forget J REwing

404 days ago


It the countless celebs that died or had their lives ruined by drugs haven't convinced people not to do drugs then I don't see what giving Cory an award will do different.

404 days ago


I doubt the people MacNicol hopes will be saved by this "drug awareness" thing tonight will even be watching the Emmys. And I doubt most of them even watch "Glee."

404 days ago

Steve Jones    

I somehow doubt this will be anti-drug PSA. We live in a society now where actual accomplishments and merit are not important only pandering to select groups of people to attract viewers of a desirable demographic. There is no honor in the way the emmy's are honoring Monteith and ignoring more deserving people.

404 days ago


That's not the point. Did they honor Rock Hudson to prevent AIDS? This is a stunt from the producer of "GLEE" Dead or alive he gets the publicity. With Harris hosting it's like a gay mafia. Jack Klugman and Larry Hagman earned the honor.

404 days ago


Drug awareness is not the function of the Emmy Awards. If celebrities want to make people aware of the danger of drugs, do PSAs or, better yet, don't friggin do drugs or celebrate drugs or drug users. Duh!

404 days ago


No one who overdosed with drugs should be getting a tribute no matter how talented he was in life. He was a drug addict with many people to help hi, and he still was too stupid to stay alive. Stop the tributes for drug addicts. This does not help kids.

404 days ago


Yeah, all of us idiot Hollywood outsiders, are not aware that drugs kill people. Creating awareness by showcasing Montieth is bogus and the people who made that decision are all Hollywood creatures who are probably on drugs themselves. The body of work should be what is honored at the Emmy's Memorial moments, not the tragic drugged out actors who died too soon because of their poor choices.

404 days ago


*******. Who cares about some drug addicted pup who died because he was stupid and will most likely be only remembered from one show and how he died. Klugman, on the other hand was a legend in Hollyweird and will be remembered for a body of work that includes The Odd Couple tv show.

404 days ago
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