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Emmy B.S.

Honor a Drug Addict

Diss a TV Legend

9/22/2013 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The suits who run the Emmys had to make a hard choice in deciding which dead actor to honor-- a TV icon who has won multiple Emmys, or a young actor with no Emmys who is now as famous for being a drug addict as a TV star.  They chose door number 2.

It's interesting.  We've spoken with several people who have won Emmys who are upset with the decision to give a special honor to Cory Monteith but not Jack Klugman, and they're all too scared to speak out ... for fear of some sort of retaliation.

Jack Klugman -- who has won 3 Emmys and starred in TV classics -- "The Odd Couple" and "Quincy M.E." -- has been overlooked and disrespected for special mention during tonight's ceremony.  Instead ... Cory Monteith gets the honor.  Jack's son thinks it's ridiculous and disrespectful, and he's right.

The Emmys are honoring 5 TV types who died in the last year -- 4 of whom have earned their stripes ... Jonathan Winters, Jean Stapleton, James Gandolfini, Gary David Goldberg -- and then there's Cory.

BTW ... Larry Hagman was also overlooked. 

One TV type who has won multiple Emmys but wanted to remain anonymous scoffed and told TMZ, "Awards are like  hemorrhoids.  Eventually every asshole gets one."


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John DuRocher    

Shame on you TMZ. While I agree Jack Klugmen should be honored over Corey but to refer to him as drug addict in such a derogatory manner is inexcusable. It just this type of attitude that keep addicts "out there" using instead of seeking treatment.
Until this stigma is gone many more will die from this treatable disease. Sleep well tonight knowing you have continued the misunderstanding of this deadly disease. God forbid you or your loved ones ever seek treatment.

399 days ago


Not watching the show after learning the turn down jack klugman for a drug addict

399 days ago


Meh who is Klugman??? Hagman deserves the whole awar and so does Cory. Haters, Also to that Republican still hurting because of Obama's win I SAVOUR YOUR PAIN. I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. I wish all bigot's heads would explode!!

399 days ago

Fan forever    

It is ridiculous and insulting not to recognize the passing of Mr Hagman and Mr Klugman They were TV icon who had created memorable characters more so than Cory. Dallas JR Ewing will go on for ever The Odd Couple but especially Quincy he was the first medial examiner. He was before Ducky on NCIS and isles These guys are icons and legends and paid their dues Cory is not in the same league These shows will live on for ever and have left their mark. Glee is already over . Shame on you

399 days ago


They do this crap on purpose just get people going. Who cares about the Emmys?? Not many- besides actors. Look how many people are talking about it now.

399 days ago


Does Cory deserve the special recognition? No. Of course not. He deserves to be mentioned but NOT a special tribute, simply because he didn't do enough in his career to earn the special recognition. But if we're using YOUR excuse that he was a drug addict and didn't deserve it because he killed himself? Well then that also means James Gandolfini doesn't deserve his special award seeing as he dropped dead of a heart attack due to the fact that he was morbidly obese. And Larry Hagman doesn't deserve the recognition (he's not getting) because he drank his way through how many livers and was a raging alcoholic. Cory doesn't deserve this because he didn't earn it, NOT because of his drug addiction.

399 days ago


Drug addicts are the only ones getting any attention these days. It's ridiculous. These kids wouldn't be where they are if actors like Jack Klugman and Larry Hagman hadn't paved the way. And they both did it without having to OD to get there. Sad.

399 days ago


They made a business decision. Big deal. Old people will watch no matter what and they just gained young viewers. Sounds pretty smart to me. Guarantee you the ratings won't suffer.

399 days ago


It is disgraceful - and an obvious oversight by young staffers - that Jack Klugman and Larry Hagman were overlooked. Cory Monteith has nothing to do with it, and being one of the stars of a current hit show, certainly made him 'qualified' for the memoriam.

You're poll should separate the two. Yes, forgetting Jack Klugman and Larry Hagman is a f*cking insult. If Cory had been missed - that would have been a f*cking insult, too.

399 days ago


If the President of the Academy eliminates his boring, sleep inducing annual "speech" ( which is really code for "i just want to get my ass on TV) then they would have time for all of the tributes.

399 days ago

hillbilly girl    

Maybe its a good thing they're not honoring klugman or hagman because they are in a totally different class than this drug addict who no one has any idea who he is

399 days ago


Have to agree that it's extremely insulting to honor this kid instead of Klugman. The awards shows are meaningless today and part of that is because they honor names, studios and worthless box office totals instead of the people getting the awards and this kid hasn't done a damn thing except get a part on a crap tv show and get deep into drugs with no real attempt to get out of drugs.

399 days ago


Wow, TMZ. I didn't know you were in the business of judging the value of one dead human being vs. another. And based on the fact that one died due to addiction and one due to. . .? Did Jack Klugman never do drugs or alcohol? Probably he did one or the other. So that may have had an additive effect on whatever killed him. So, by your reasoning, Jack Klugman should not have an Emmy memorial! That would be b.s.!

A good number of drug users who are actors make it to old age. Are you going to sort them out at the Emmys based on your perception of their worth, too? Addiction is a brain disease, not a character flaw.

You celebrate Charlie Sheen *constantly.* He loves drugs. Please be consistent.

Does TMZ have a drug-free employee policy? I'm guessing not, based on the number of stoner stereotypes I see on the TV show. So I don't really understand this heinous judging of a human being on the basis of a brain problem common to millions of Americans--perhaps some on your own staff.

Kari Tervo, Ph.D.

399 days ago


I just saw that Jack Klugman died of prostate cancer. That's something that can be avoided with regular screenings. So, let's judge Jack Klugman for dying of a disease he could have easily prevented with a doctor finger up his butt once a year. I mean, it took Cory Monteith a good while to get to that level of addiction. Jack Klugman could have prevented his death in *seconds.* Shall we all judge him now? NO. Because it's STUPID. Just like your position that some actor not in current news should get an Emmy memorial over someone really current (I thought you guys were into current?), just because that guy died of drugs. Something ALL OVER HOLLYWOOD. Really, TMZ. Check yourself before you check out any more underage Jenner pics.

399 days ago


Is this what we teach the young now a days??Wasn't Michael Jackson and other enough??Emmy's and the "glee" show should be ashamed of themselves!!!

399 days ago
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