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Emmy B.S.

Honor a Drug Addict

Diss a TV Legend

9/22/2013 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The suits who run the Emmys had to make a hard choice in deciding which dead actor to honor-- a TV icon who has won multiple Emmys, or a young actor with no Emmys who is now as famous for being a drug addict as a TV star.  They chose door number 2.

It's interesting.  We've spoken with several people who have won Emmys who are upset with the decision to give a special honor to Cory Monteith but not Jack Klugman, and they're all too scared to speak out ... for fear of some sort of retaliation.

Jack Klugman -- who has won 3 Emmys and starred in TV classics -- "The Odd Couple" and "Quincy M.E." -- has been overlooked and disrespected for special mention during tonight's ceremony.  Instead ... Cory Monteith gets the honor.  Jack's son thinks it's ridiculous and disrespectful, and he's right.

The Emmys are honoring 5 TV types who died in the last year -- 4 of whom have earned their stripes ... Jonathan Winters, Jean Stapleton, James Gandolfini, Gary David Goldberg -- and then there's Cory.

BTW ... Larry Hagman was also overlooked. 

One TV type who has won multiple Emmys but wanted to remain anonymous scoffed and told TMZ, "Awards are like  hemorrhoids.  Eventually every asshole gets one."


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Ageism is the worst ism in Hollywood. And the funny thing is that with the lack of quality in TV media these days, like CM the kids in this town have no future. None of them will last 5 decades in TV like Jack did. Best has come and gone. And to not honor someone like JK should be illegal.

403 days ago


Nobody (except Glee followers) knew who this guy was, nor did they hail his TV performance, until he OD'd. Would they do the same for Skreetch if he died during the haybday of "Save By The Bell"? It's the same thing... someone in a large cast of a hit show, AND THATS IT!

403 days ago


Jack Klugman was an outstanding actor.His work/career speak for itself. The Emmy's is pandering to a younger demographic. Many young people are not familiar with Jack. I do think a tribute to Cory is smart too though even if it is just a *reality check* for all the young artist in show business who believe they are invincible I mean really who would have predicted that a rising shining star like the handsome talented lovable Cory Monteith would snuff out at such a young age right in the midst of a red hot career? May Cory RIP and I know Lea Michelle has a ****tered heart over him and the way he died:(

403 days ago


While I have no idea who Klugman is, they should make a point to honor all those who passed. Either all or nothing.

403 days ago


Jack was a television icon. He will libe on, imortalized by his impressive body of work. He will always be appreciated by the fans. I hope his family realizes that many of us think that the Emmy tribute to Corey was merely tasteless pandering to the younger demographic. There were many TRUE stars who's passing deserved note at the Emmy's - Corey was about 15th on that list.

403 days ago


Title should read: Honor A Drug Addict, Diss A Wife Beater, Alcoholic and Gambling Addict

403 days ago


Quincy MD was the show that influenced me to go on to a medical career I loved that show as a kid. Luckily I can say that Cory didn't influence me to do anything because then I might go and try some heavy duty drugs. They should be doing these tributes to people who have worked at entertaining us for longer than 5 minutes, not people who were in the middle of their 15 minutes who dont know how to say no.

403 days ago


"Awards are like hemorrhoids. Eventually every ******* gets one.

403 days ago

Tammy LM    

I'm not as peeved that they want to mention his death. He was after all an actor with a sag card and he does deserve the mention, but not a special mention above all the rest of the actors who lost their lives. James Gandolfini would or should have been above Cory for a "special" memorium announcement and even he'd be the least known or the one with the shortest career of them all. I don't know why they gave that kid extra attention except that it seems there was a "fan" on the committee that decided this. It made no sence at all to give this kid a special place. By doing so it's not just that they put his death above everyone else's as if it were of greater loss or tragedy, but they are putting his life and his accomplishments in Hollywood at a higher place than everyone else's and I'm sorry but there is just no comparison. He was a kid. Glee was already losing it's fan appeal as a passing tv fad show anyway. So he's really just a struggling one hit wonder of a kid actor who more than likely statistically speaking really didn't have much of a real future in Hollywood ahead of him. There was nothing exceptional about his career. Nothing. When you do a standard memorium you're mentioning the deaths of all who died that year, but when you do a tribute, you're honoring the life. It clearly was no comparison who should have had the honor. Just about anyone else who died over that kid. Plus. I agree he died by way of his own demons. Not a heart attack or cancer or anything else that took him from us like the others. He threw his life away. I would have given him the mention but never a stand out tribute. Disgraceful.

403 days ago


I think they Showed Pictures of Larry and jack but didn't mention anything Like Jane did when she Spoke about Cory? Sad when Drug Addicts become more famous For their Drug abuse, and Celebrities Who died of Natural Causes Don't Get the same Honor.

403 days ago

david lasner    

Larry Hagman not being mentioned was far worse as JR was an icon on the tube

403 days ago


I have an IDEA!!! Broadcast these tributes in a special program right before the Emmy broadcast. It could be a win win situation for all involved. A respectful amount of time divided among that years losses.

402 days ago


Those of us that are with out sin cast the first stone.

402 days ago


If someone like Valerie Harper's disease won't tarnish her passing, God Bless her, why should this young boys disease tarnish his. If you don't think its a disease...look up the word disease and fill in the blanks.. the mind is an organ!

402 days ago


When are addicts going to be made accountable for their actions. Many of these comments coddle the junkie, no one forced them to do drugs.

402 days ago
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