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Ariel Winter's Mom

I Want to Grill Ariel's Shrink

About Oral Sex Chat

9/24/2013 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chrystal Workman says authorities falsely accused her of talking oral sex to her daughter, "Modern Family" star Ariel Winter -- and she wants to get to the bottom of the claims by putting Ariel's psychiatrist and her attorney on the hot seat.

In her latest legal filing, Chrystal says she wants her attorneys to depose the doc and lawyer in order to defend herself against allegations of sexual abuse she believes Ariel made against her.

According to the docs, 2 investigators from the Department of Children and Family Services interviewed Chrystal on June 19, 2013 -- and asked her if she ever had a conversation with Ariel regarding oral sex with her boyfriend.

In the papers, Chrystal also alleges the DCFS investigators asked if she'd ever given Ariel a very graphic demonstration regarding how to use Monistat 7.

We are paraphrasing, and heavily, because Chrystal's own words in the papers are just that graphic.

Chrystal claims DCFS cleared her of all the allegations of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.

The upshot ... she now thinks she deserves the right to grill Ariel's attorney and psychiatrist as part of her defense.

The big thing standing in Chrystal's way, of course, is a little something called attorney-client privilege and physician-client privilege.


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todd lee    

I wanna bang Ariel and her M.I.L.F. mother.

340 days ago


Chrystal Workman needs to get her own life. Hate these hollywood pimp mommas trying to live off their kids. Sad, shallow, selfish.

340 days ago


I'm starting to see the light here... So she had a convo about oral sex with her sexual active daughter. Obviously monistat came up sometime, does that mean Ariel had a possible yeast infection, again indicating she is sexually active. Someone needs to stop wasting children services time. This kid wants freedom to do what she wants without consequence, and Hollywood and all it's sycophants are more than happy to oblige her.

340 days ago

BB not bb    

I would like to know what the emotional abuse was. She believed in her daughter enough to make her a Hollywood star. She told her daughter not to eat mac and cheese and watch her weight? She told her not to sleep with an adult male committing statutory rape of a minor in her house? This is now child abuse?

That is a shame because there are kids who are truly abused and the system does nothing for them. The mother was cleared of all wrongdoing but they courts took her kid anyway because she wanted to leave and live with her freewheeling sister.

They say in the last days that adults will fear the children. I think that is what is going on. They are lawless and unruly and adults have no rights to control them. Telling your kid they need to eat right and that they are getting fat is not child abuse. That is called being a concerned parent.

What was her other crime, hanging out on the set too much and trying to direct things concerning her kid? Isn't that what Teri Shields was criticized for? Look how Brooke turned out. She seems pretty stable from a Hollywood standpoint.

I never watched that show Modern Family. There seemed to be a negative vibe to it. Maybe that translates into the personal lives of the cast as well.

340 days ago


What am I missing here? My child is 10 yrs old. - in 5th grade. They will be covering oral sex in sexual education at the end of the year. I fail to see how this is abusive unless I am missing more of the story. I must be missing more of the story, because showing your child what is and how to use Monistat 7 cannot be a crime. It's an over the counter medication for yeast infections.??? There's more to this story... Right????

340 days ago


Give it up lady. The more you try, the crazier you look.

340 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Children should know about sex, and that include oral sex. The time to tell them, and the correct way to tell them must come from a non stuffy mother, a mature, trusted female, or a medical professional.

340 days ago

BB not bb    

Kids nowadays confuse parental authority with emotional abuse. They think that any and all respect has to be earned. They have to sense of humility or their place in the world. That is partly why these things happen.

Parents put their kids on pedestals and these kids think they are the center of the universe and can call the shots. They are just going to run themselves into the ground really. They have no clue about life or what they are doing.

Emotional abuse is when you are so beat down and badgered that you lose the ability to function, without any hope of escape. Is that what was happening here? I think the kid was just perturbed at her mother's ways and decided to kick her to the curb. I think it is a kind of power trip.

Kids are not just rebellious any more, they just don't care at all. They are cold, passive aggressive and conniving against their own parents. It is heart breaking. What is sadder is the more the mom fights back, the more the kid resents her.

Ariel is like a legal runaway. What can you really do? Maybe one day she will wake up but I doubt it.

340 days ago



340 days ago


Is this fat old bitch serious.......a shrink cannot discuss anything with this bitch...she is desperate for money...Ariel got a huge raise this year and the bitch is just thinking of the money she has about an unfit human that should have never had kids...aint gonna happen bitch!

340 days ago


This woman is just pathetic. Saying that Shanelle got in touch with Ariel when she knew how much Ariel was making...Shanelle runs a very successful acting studio and is married to the heir of Pepsi. Money is not an issue here, at least not for Shanelle or Ariel. Someone else is obssesed.

340 days ago


Ariel is a tot whore. Someone shove it n her ass n make her cry already.probably likes that shhit tho...

340 days ago


Whose paying the moms legal fees?

340 days ago


Is the mom trying to destroy her daughter?

340 days ago


What exactly is moms job? Where does she get her money from?

340 days ago
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