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Kate Gosselin

Ducking For Cover

After Jon's Warning Shot

9/23/2013 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Jon Gosselin's ex-wife isn't the least bit surprised he fired a warning shot at a photog -- and while she's choosing her words very carefully ... Kate Gosselin seems to be saying she's gotten used to erratic behavior from him.

Kate claims she's not even aware of what happened -- even though it was in the news all weekend -- saying she doesn't pay attention to what her ex does. 

But when the camera guy explained what happened she wasn't shocked by Jon's gunslinging, saying ... "Nothing surprises me anymore."

TMZ broke the story ... Jon said he was sending a message when he popped a cap into the air after a paparazzo followed him onto private property. 

Is Kate concerned about Jon having a gun around their 8 kids? Check the clip ... she's tiptoeing around it, but definitely sounds like the answer is ... yes.


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If she isn't worried she should be. Bullets that go up in the air come down also and you have no control what the will hit.

394 days ago


If she had concerns, making any public comment is not the way to go. That woman can't shut her mouth.

394 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Bitch please! Kate didn't know? HA!! She was probably rubbing her crotch in tight little circles when she found out what that poor man did. If you ever read the Gosselins Without Pity website a lot of the people who comment are local observers of these people, some of them their neighbors and oddly, a lot of them seem to feel bad for Jon. I wait for the day Kate gets her comeuppance. I hope someday all eight of her children realize what a horrid beast of a black hearted woman she is.

394 days ago


Bullyville has been exposing these people who always leave negative comments about Kate Gosselin.

394 days ago


Why are some of you people mad at Kate? I watched the video, she didn't stop and comment, she was putting her groceries in her vehicle. She answered the "paps' questions without really commenting. Geez, the hate some of ya'll have for this woman is scary. You need to let go, she did absolutely nothing to any of ya'll, and I don't know if she is a good/bad/etc. person, I'm indifferent, however, some of you guys act like you live with her. Regardless of what she is, I can see what many of you are and it's sad that you would hate someone so much. I understand leaving a comment about her behavior, but in reality her behavior this time was pretty much void. Yet, many of you couldn't help but speak ill of her.

394 days ago


Just like so many worthless reality "acts" before her the easy money is done and done.
The Real Housewives of Anything.
Jersey Shore
etc. etc. etc....

394 days ago


Wasn't it just last week he was saying he wanted to lead a "normal" life? Now I haven't heard/read anything about what he did yet, but if that is truly the case...he's kinda screwing up that whole "normal" thing!

394 days ago

YO! Dipschitz    

ahhhhh whatsa matta poooor wiitle baby bitch kate?? don't like the spotlight anymore? ahhhhhh... where's your ho security guard to help you carry your groceries? can't afford him anymore? assssshole

394 days ago


Jon has only made the news when it is negative, he still seems bitter and full of anger. Does he smoke weed? He always seemed paranoid in interviews to me and would be darting his eyes around, his face would be tight and he just says such immature things. The way he treated his family, showed his immaturity. Interviews in the gossip realm that I have seen of him, he seems unstable and irresponsible.

394 days ago


"She has no idea and wasn't aware" of her husband firing a gun. Right! Her phone was probably ringing non-stop with the news! Please, Kate, we're not all morons. She was not ignoring the pap and willingly answering his questiions......any reason for the snotty tone? Can't imagine why she's so disliked.

394 days ago


What a flat ass on this banshee.

394 days ago


I wonder if he's still buy $200 T Shirts?

394 days ago

K8s Pap    

She never talked that much to Chris Watts before. Never.

394 days ago


Where did her ass go? flat as a board!

394 days ago


to bad he didn't shoot and kill that bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

394 days ago
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