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Kate Gosselin

Ducking For Cover

After Jon's Warning Shot

9/23/2013 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Jon Gosselin's ex-wife isn't the least bit surprised he fired a warning shot at a photog -- and while she's choosing her words very carefully ... Kate Gosselin seems to be saying she's gotten used to erratic behavior from him.

Kate claims she's not even aware of what happened -- even though it was in the news all weekend -- saying she doesn't pay attention to what her ex does. 

But when the camera guy explained what happened she wasn't shocked by Jon's gunslinging, saying ... "Nothing surprises me anymore."

TMZ broke the story ... Jon said he was sending a message when he popped a cap into the air after a paparazzo followed him onto private property. 

Is Kate concerned about Jon having a gun around their 8 kids? Check the clip ... she's tiptoeing around it, but definitely sounds like the answer is ... yes.


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Fcuk Kate Gosselin, nobody wants to hear from her. Jon obviously lives in a desolate location so the last thing he needs is strangers following him down remote dirt roads and sneaking around outside his cottage. That pap was WAY out of line and she doesn't get special treatment because she's female.

364 days ago


I highly doubt Jon JUST got this gun. It's just the first time we're hearing about it because a photog trespassed on his private property. He fired a WARNING shot in the air, he didn't "pull a gun on a photog." That would imply he aimed it towards her. But that's neither here nor there. Point is, his kids have been around him and there have been no incidents with the gun. No pictures of the kids shooting it, no hospital trips for shooting each other's eye out. I'm more concerned for the kids because of Kate's self-importance, nasty attitude, ugly personality and need to control every aspect of the lives of those around her. Sometimes a voice that's like nails on a chalk board coming from the malnourished body (she's admitted she only eats salad and exercises for hours daily) that suffers from delusions of grandeur is more dangerous than a Dad who uses his gun to protect his property.

364 days ago


For someone who "does not like being 'gotten anywhere'" as she says, she sure was taking her time getting those groceries in the car. If I were loading up groceries in my car and some stranger was asking me questions about my ex-husband, I would be tossing that stuff in there so fast so I could get the heck out of there.

364 days ago


"erratic" behavior, someone on your property without and invite, and then won't leave. How are is actions Erratic?

364 days ago


"allegedly" TMZ. You characters have already twisted the alleged facts. I hope he wrings your ass out in a law suit so that you start behaving more responsibility in you accusations

364 days ago


Is she wearing her kids' clothes? She is waaaaay too old to be wearing that. What is she 45?.
She does need to shut up about her kids' father. At least he's willing to protect the kids. She just leaves them home w/ a young nanny.

364 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

You can just tell from her body language and bitchy, detached response that she hasn't had sex in a LONG time. But of course, who would want to do her?

364 days ago

K8s Pap    

After today's TMZ Live, I'm more convinced than ever that Kate's camp set this up against Jon. 'Fess up Harvey.

364 days ago


I thought she was Kendra Wilkinson for a quick minute. She's just as annoying as her too. UGH>....

364 days ago


If she were smart she would keep her opinions to herself. Her ex seems to be a lose cannon. I would be worried when the kids are with him

364 days ago


Kate's responses to this reporter are the EXACT reasons she is so despised. She has got to be the rudest snootiest person ever. Why couldn't she have just been polite and said "No comment". As far as her not knowing about Jon she is a liar. She will never be back on television with that attitude. She is TOXIC.

364 days ago


TMZ needs to realize JON WAS IN THE RIGHT and stop trying to make the whore photog the victim. He has a right to defend his life and property whether TMZ OR Kate like it or not! ENOUGH ALREADY

364 days ago


Some women will do anything to get back at their ex husbands. They can vile, resentful and evil, no matter how sweet they were before. Do never get ****ing married. You've been warned.

364 days ago


She called the "pap" for the photo op.

364 days ago


I agree with another post here.
Typical central pennsylvania douchebaggery.

364 days ago
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