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I'm Taking Super Bowl Heat

For Slutty Cheerleaders

9/23/2013 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

M.I.A. is refusing to pay the NFL a dime for flashing her middle finger during the Super Bowl last year ... because she thinks a group of crotch-flashing cheerleaders were way more offensive.

The singer posted a video today, claiming the girls -- who shared the stage with M.I.A. and Madonna -- were all under 16 with their "hips thrusted in the air, legs wide open, in this very sexually provocative position."

Watch the video ... M.I.A. kinda comes off like a tool, saying she was just being "punk rock" -- while the girls were really outta line.

If you missed it ... the NFL has been in a secret legal battle with the 38-year-old singer over the bird flip ... with the league demanding she pay $1.5 million for breach of contract.

Doesn't sound like M.I.A. plans to bow -- she referred to the whole mess as a "powerful corporation d**k shaking."


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Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Funny how calling herself MIA is a self-fulfilling prophesy, because now her "career" is missing. Her time has passed, and she's just a footnote in the music business, and really more of a joke than anything. Yeah, get the golden gig of appearing at the freakin' Super Bowl and give everyone the finger! Ha ha ha, your manager is possibly dumber than you, but that would be tough because you're an indisputable idiot. By the way, your "music" sux, so now enjoy being someone NO ONE cares about. And after you lose the law suit, you'll be poor like the rest of us, ass hole.

360 days ago


As far as MIA & any one else complaining about the cheerleaders being more offensive than MIA flipping the bird...

1). MIA signed a business contract; she supposedly has been in the 'business' since 2000. She knows better, she claims to be a professional artist, who demands to be paid a professionals’ salary. Then she should act like one. If you're gonna act like an asshat on National TV, then own it! You were big & bad & bold enough to flip the bird on National TV, be big & bad & bold enough to be accountable for your actions. Trying to deflect attention by saying well, they did it too & they were worse, is so immature & so juvenile it is beyond words. 5 year olds' behave that way. And it doesn't take away from the wrong that you did!
2). As far as the cheerleaders being more offensive, the NFL has pretty much always used women in a sexualized manner for entertainment. The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders have been around since the 60's. We're talkin' 50 years of women in skimpy outfits gyrating on the sidelines. Ever seen a commercial during the Super Bowl? Go Daddy ring a bell with anyone?
3). Ever heard of rehearsals? Yeah, I’m sure they broadcast live half-time shows without any rehearsals.
4). MIA apparently wanted controversy. I mean why else flip the bird on National TV? Be careful what you wish for you just might get it.
(Maybe someone should pass this last bit of advice onto Miley Cyrus).

360 days ago


<3 m.i.a.

360 days ago


Good for her...I wouldn't give them a penny!!

360 days ago

The world is disgusting    

Good for her! Having cheerleaders in tight, ass showing, barely there clothes, thrusting about for sexual eye pleasure is WAY more F****** offensive than the middle finger! F*** the dik shaking CORPS.

360 days ago


oh man my chihuahua started humping the monitor when i scrolled past this article. thats one sexy gremlin

360 days ago


Move on, so long ago who really cares. Half the problem is still talking about it TMZ.

360 days ago


She took Lil Kim's crown for classless queen of ghetto trash, so what can you expect? Her "career" tanked a long time ago, so f*ck you too, MIA. And please live up to your name and go away.

360 days ago

Ben from Baltimore    

The NFL will sue her in federal court for breach of contract and a judge will put a judgment against her. She can't be too hard to serve with court papers. Just look for her next US concert tour stop. If her bodyguards try to give them a hard time and attempt to manhandle them when they try to serve her with court papers, take out their cell phones and call the police (911). The NFL isn't playing around ever since Justin Timberlake exposed Janet Jackson's breast during the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show. Maybe she will try and blame Justin Timberlake for something that was her fault next?

360 days ago

New Orleans    

Shuddup beaatch and pay up. Stop smutting up our air waves. Not every young girl has your opportunity of getting knocked up by a billionaire and then being a lousy mother to the kid you could give a crap about. I used to love your music but you're an idiot.

360 days ago


What a talentless offensive person.

360 days ago


Who? Chick looks like a dude with a bad weave

360 days ago


Good for her

360 days ago


It was Madonna's show. She should be the one responsible for the fine. It was her that invited MIA and Ce Lo green to the stage. She's responsible for the fine. Madonna in turn can then sue MIA for the fine she paid.

360 days ago


Super Bowl is a buncha people getting drunk cursing at the TV and eating unhealthy food so I don't think the nfl has a leg to stand on. The Super Bowl is not for kids and those that do trust me they're kids are hearing the words shouted at the screen by they're parents So the finger and what it represents is a silly delusional boys club aka nfl trying to say its something it's not.

360 days ago
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