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Photo Triggers Arrest

Over Cute, Furry, Deadly Creatures

9/23/2013 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Rihanna flirted with death and then triggered arrests after posting a pic of an adorable little animal ... that can kill you.

Rihanna was in Phuket, Thailand and posed with a loris.  Seems innocent enough.

Here's the problem.  The critter is an endangered animal indigenous to Southeast Asia and there's a law that says you can't charge tourists money to take pics with endangered primates.

Rihanna Instagrammed the photo and people started bitching in Phuket.  Authorities corralled the 2 guys who took the photo -- ages 16 and 20 -- and busted them.

FYI -- Loris carry poison that can be deadly.  When they get pissed off they release the toxins from their elbow, put the juice in their mouth and if it touches humans they can go into anaphylactic shock.

P.S.  Rihanna also went to some sex shows.  That can kill you too.



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She is clearly taking her own picture.

397 days ago


God those glasses are hideous - are those her grandma's?

397 days ago

The world is disgusting    

at is a selfi, Rhianna should be arrested. Just another example how the rich and famous are allowed to get away with anything. SO tired of it.

397 days ago


Hopefully one will kill that talent-less hoar.

397 days ago


Please TRY and get some information correct. The slow loris (n. coucang) is not a dangerous, poisonous animal -- any more than a common house cat is dangerous and poisonous. The secretion the loris produces is VERY similar to the Fel d 1 allergen in domestic cats. Are you saying anyone who has a house cat is "flirting with death?" Of course NOT! Most people aren't allergic to Fel d 1, and wouldn't react to a cat OR to a loris. And as for the ONE reported case of anaphylaxis, (all the back in 1972, mind you) the person RECOVERED. He didn't die as you suggest. Another recorded bite to a zoo keeper resulted in only localized swelling, and even though she was pregnant, there was no issue with the bite impacting her unborn child. Slow loris bites are quite rare in primatological literature, and billing the slow loris as some sort of dangerous mammal is doing a disservice to the conservation of these endangered animals.

397 days ago


Rihanna is a freakin' idiot!

397 days ago


I did this same thing while i was in Thailand. Had i known they were poisonous i would not have done it. And it is an ongoing problem amongst Thai's capturing endangered animals and charging tourist to take photos with them. It is cruel and i wish i had not done it now that i look back!

397 days ago


so a slow loris can kiss its elbow?

397 days ago



397 days ago


Lol.. She's still rich!

397 days ago


Rihanna is really going off the deep end. With the constant drug use the partying going to strip clubs, sex shows her demeanor as a woman is absolutely nergative, she is getting old fast. I have no respect for her at all. Moving on to someone who has something to say that's worthwhile, and who's doing something positive for others. Rihanna you're a pervert and yesterday's news.

397 days ago

Peter Gozinya    

Too bad they didn't arrest and fine her too. Ignorance is not an excuse. Good thing though because she's as ignorant as they come.

397 days ago


Another douche with to much money and no brain.

397 days ago


Rihanna can do whatever she wants.. she's PERFECTION.

397 days ago


2 men got arrested for 1 photo that is CLEARLY a self photo !? The closeness and the fact that her arm is stretched out is a huge tip off.. So tell me again why 2 men got arrested for a photo SHE took and became public because SHE instagrammed it ?? There is no way in hell TWO "OTHER" people took this picture...

397 days ago
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