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Photo Triggers Arrest

Over Cute, Furry, Deadly Creatures

9/23/2013 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Rihanna flirted with death and then triggered arrests after posting a pic of an adorable little animal ... that can kill you.

Rihanna was in Phuket, Thailand and posed with a loris.  Seems innocent enough.

Here's the problem.  The critter is an endangered animal indigenous to Southeast Asia and there's a law that says you can't charge tourists money to take pics with endangered primates.

Rihanna Instagrammed the photo and people started bitching in Phuket.  Authorities corralled the 2 guys who took the photo -- ages 16 and 20 -- and busted them.

FYI -- Loris carry poison that can be deadly.  When they get pissed off they release the toxins from their elbow, put the juice in their mouth and if it touches humans they can go into anaphylactic shock.

P.S.  Rihanna also went to some sex shows.  That can kill you too.



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Rhina is real lucky that creature did not get pissed off and bite her. not to mention she did not also get charged with even posing for the picture since its illegal to take one of that creature.

394 days ago


nice to know Rihanna supports sex trafficking.

394 days ago


Rihanna is such a useless piece of dreck, let's hope she dies a f*cking cruel death next monday

394 days ago


lol to bad it didn't bite her Dumb ass

394 days ago

ipod shuffle    

I didn't know Rihanna likes monkeys, I thought she is one.

394 days ago

Fuck Off TMZ    

Look at her skanky face! Too bad that thing didn't kill the whore.

394 days ago


Hey what do a Loris and Chris Brown have in common?

They are both deadly if you piss them off. wak wak :)

394 days ago


Wow, the crime of the century! They should be hung! How dare they take a photo of a cute animal that is almost extinct! Those two poor guys shouldn't be in jail. The people responsible for the animals extinction should be in jail.

394 days ago


The name of the town is ****it.

394 days ago


she always has to act like such a you know what..why do so many Black and Hispanic performers have to wear fur.. Have they not come up to the 21st century? Do they always have to act like trash?

394 days ago


It doesn't look as if anyone considers the fact that the two guys maybe "owned" the animal. That is also not allowed for endangered species,and is the reason they were locked up. . You might think that they took the photo to be sure the animal stayed with them. And, Sunny Autumn - are you wishng that Rihanna would have been killed? Rather pissy of you, isn't it, if that is what you were saying? Also, Vince, is that what you were wishing? I am not a fan of hers but I certainly don't wish any harm like that. Shame on you.

394 days ago


This tramp is just always acting like the trash she is. What a disgusting person.

394 days ago

Passion Of The Taint    

Over Cute, Furry, Deadly Creature? Chris Brown

She is just another Self-absorbed Muff Cabbage!
Muff Cabbage!!!!

393 days ago


These poor endangered animals are less likely to kill a human than a bee, TMZ. The reason they are endangered is because HUMANS have been selling them (illegally) as pets, and the criminals who sell them pull out their teeth with a nail clipper so they can't bite their owner. The only ones dying are these poor abused animals - from lack of nutrition because they can't eat properly with no teeth.

393 days ago


Good job Rihanna...Who cares about this animals let them all be endangered are gone, who needs creatures like that..?

393 days ago
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