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Cowboys Players Sued

Our Son Almost Drowned

And It's Your Fault

9/24/2013 6:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Three Dallas Cowboys stars are personally responsible for a boy nearly drowning at a football camp this summer -- at least according to the kid's parents who are now suing for at least a MILLION BUCKS.

The parents of 13-year-old James Jackson Jr. filed the suit against Miles Austin, Anthony Spencer, and Brandon Carr ... claiming it's their fault James nearly drowned during a football camp held at the University of North Texas, and bearing Spencer's name.

The boy reportedly sank to the bottom of a pool -- while there were roughly 125 other kids in the water -- and had to be pulled out, given CPR, and taken to a nearby hospital. 

Now his parents are pointing the finger at the players and the company that organized the camp -- claiming it was their responsibility to hire better lifeguards, and make sure the pool was safe for swimmers.

The lawsuit doesn't specify the boy's injuries, but says he suffered mental anguish, disfigurement, and physical impairment.

We called Cowboys HQ for comment ... so far, no word back.

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No Avatar


Disfigurement???? How the hell that happen??

402 days ago


They're suing thm because they should have trained the life guards better I'm sorry but if there's 125 kids and only 1 almost drowned but didn't die that sounds like the life guards were properly trained because if not then that little boy would've never been saved and more then one child should had drowned smh sometimes accidents occurs.

402 days ago


The kid's nickname should be "The Rock" because he swims like one.

402 days ago


Maybe they should have offered swim lessons as part of the camp.

402 days ago

Bob DaMahn    

Sounds like a normal pool incident at any community pool, how can anyone expect to immediately identify someone who is drowning it would take a few seconds for a quick response and obviously the kid didn't die so sounds like they did their job just fine by getting him out and revived.

402 days ago

Amber Olson     

Of course they r suing for millions. This irritates me because its the parents responsibility to make sure to inform the camp certain important info. Like my son can't swim. Life guards pulled him out in time and saved him but yet he ended up with physical disfigurement, mental anguish and so on is crazy. Maybe the boy should not have been in the pool if his parents didn't do the right thing like making sure her son can swim, which he is 13 o I'm not quit sure he sank to the bottom if his parent did the right thing and gave him swimming lessons. I'm pretty sure his parent knew swimming would be involved.

402 days ago

Tim DeZolt     

Can't swim yo? Stays outs da pool fool.

402 days ago

My 2 Cents    

Even though they saved your son, I guess the lifeguards weren't good enough still.....

402 days ago


This is another money seeking lawsuit from people who are taking advantage of the fact that there is a possible chance of a chunky settlement versus seeking justice. Our courts are full of cases just like this. I am assuming all parents were provided legal do***ents to sign prior to there children going to this summer camp that will make it difficult , to impossible for any ambulance chasers to seek a payday. At the end of the day I feel awful for this child and hopes he recovers fast. However, as a parent myself, it is my responsibility, not the Dallas cowboys camp or players to ensure the safety of my kids, especially around swimming pools. I recall when my 2 sons were 4 and 5 taking swimming lessons, even though there were life guards on duty I never left my boys out of my sight for a second.

402 days ago


These guys are trying to do good and help out kids. Just cause one idiot kid cant swim and has greedy parents it's gonna ruin it for everybody.

402 days ago

Crystal AMORE    

Your son is “13” and can’t swim??? Your son should have known better!!! AND the parents… really???? If you know your son can't swim, then he should not be participating in activities like this. Pay for some swimming lessons instead!!! JS....

402 days ago


I sent my son to football camp at UNT and twice during that week I had to leave work, go to Denton, and take care of situations....He left after 3 days....there was absolutely NO supervision when off the field. While there was a dorm leader on the floor, no one knew who or where he was. It was a horrible ZOO.

402 days ago


I just have one question I want answered:
Prior to getting into the pool, did the child know how to swim?

402 days ago


Yeah right....these parents are in denial....everybody knows the cowboys don't make that much!!! Next time send your kid to a winning football team for camp.

402 days ago


4 everyone who had/has something negative 2 say about this...what if this was your son. What would u b trying 2 do...would u want answers??? that lil boy is scared 4 life because of this

402 days ago
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