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K-Fed To Britney:

Our Kid's No Circus Monkey

9/24/2013 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Federline
is crapping on Britney Spears' bright idea ... to put one of their sons on stage during her Las Vegas show, essentially saying, "Over my dead body."

When Brit announced her Vegas extravaganza she said 8-year-old Sean Preston would "probably be on stage" ... making surprise appearances from time to time.

Apparently K-Fed was not consulted ... and he made it pretty clear to us yesterday he's not keen on the idea.  BTW, his opinion matters, since they share joint custody.

As for checking out Britney's show in Vegas ... K-Fed says he'll take a pass, because he's got better things to do in Sin City.



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This coming from the guy whom every chance he got was telling papa where him and the boys were so they could come take pics and when brit was on her circus tour got an Australia magazine to pay him to take phots of him, the boys and his gf. Lets not forget when he first got the boys he tried to get s reality show with the boys which Britney blocked and said he was not pumping out her kids and without the boys the show got dropped. He and his new wife do not work and have no income, what are they going to do when Britney stops paying child support or the boys turn 18? No more free ride.

394 days ago


Ya know, I can't hate on Kevin. Yes, he was with Brit to get paid. He's an opportunist for sure, but when Brit was down, he coulda kicked her, and he didn't. He could have gone to court, with the best attorney's her money could buy, and taken those kids, and gotten even more money. She went psycho, and because of that, he could have made her visitation a sticky situation, and a judge would have signed off on it for the safety of the kids alone. He didn't sell stories when she was down, and didn't go for her jugular when she was vulnerable. But, I think it's because he knew that Brit really was in love with him, and he broke her heart and she went crazy. Imagine....a gigolo with a conscience, lol..

394 days ago


He's exactly right for once. The kid is a cash cow, not a circus monkey. The kid will do whatever Brittany wants as long as Kmart gets paid enough.

394 days ago


This cuck is still around?

394 days ago


I really like Kevin Federline. At least his heart is in the right place as far as his children are concerned. A lot of celebrity fathers couldn't give a fig about their children.

394 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

This idiot aside, the Vegas stage is no place for a child. In twenty years I don't want to be reading her kid's biography of how bad his life was because of his Vegas upbringing.

394 days ago


He doesn't mind shopping with the circus monkeys money though and driving the car the circus monkey bought. Have fun at the craps tables ya worthless tvrd.

394 days ago


Fk this free loading turd. K-OverFed fatass sob. You used Britney like a cash cow, a golden goose, and rode her wallet like a Harley. Fk you and your riding of a beat to death high horse.

394 days ago


He's a deadbeat anyways.

394 days ago


And what the hell are you...a lazy bastard that has to live off another womans money.....its okay to show them that youre a fat ignorant fool...thats too stupid to get a job! You are not relevent...even in life!

394 days ago


He didn't say he doesn't want Preston on stage. Anyway, money talks with this unemployed user so I'm sure we'll see cute little Preston (who looks nothing like crap fed) and his proud mama.

394 days ago


All u people hatin..alll u skanks around the world leach on men for money cars n dic 24/7 but when a guy knocked up a famoua legspreadin ho he cant use her cash. Her fault use a condom. Go kev. Use that cash

394 days ago


if she can't even be around her kids without an adult, she should not be onstage lilpsyncing every night like a circus monkey. This is just sad, her father must have okayed this, but why? greed is ugly

394 days ago


If he was a real man and a decent human being, he would support and uplift the mother of his children, not mock her profession, which is demeaning for her children. You are phucking up the emotional psyche of your children.

394 days ago


Maybe IF she pays him extra child support, will HE agree!
Dad of the year!!!! NOT!!

394 days ago
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