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Kim K

Ass War

With Blac Chyna

9/24/2013 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Butt legends Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna unleashed their A-bombs on an unsuspecting public this afternoon ... potentially scarring millions.

Kim was dressed like a fighter pilot -- armed with massive cleavage -- and convened with Nicki Minaj BC for a derriere summit (lunch date) of the Asses Powers.

We're told Kim's sister Kourtney and Scott Disick were also present for the talks.

We're guessing everything twerked out in the end, but we still gotta ask ...


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If Scott Disick was there then he won the biggest ass contest hands down.

363 days ago


Where I come from if they were walking down the street someone in a car would yell "HOW MUCH"? Both look like prostitutes!

363 days ago


Ummm... FACT is... both of their a$$es are... FAKE!! Go back AND... look at Kim K's butt in older episodes of their reality show... her a$$ goes up AND... down in size!! As far as... Blac... implants OR... injections!! Bahahahahaha...

363 days ago

bright eyez    

Please no more stories about this wig wearing ,pierced face, fake booty made of concrete and other home depot products. She is beyond ugly.

363 days ago


Had to look... AGAIN!! Anyone have a stick... for Blac's marshmallow behind? lol

363 days ago


You know TMZ obsession with big asses is really getting Old and Lame....Yes we know your gay and thats your area of expertise but do you have to bore the rest of the world with it......Neither one of these woman has a ass worth anything but laughing at...I've seen better on the ass end of a mule......

363 days ago


lets face it...Kanye doesnt like white folks, he just pretends...Kim thinks shes black and would rather hang out with rappers and gangbangers and only sleeps with rappers, and NBA athletes...

363 days ago


Who cares? It's time TMZ quit taking marching orders from Kris Kardashian and realize that we peons are sick and tired of the Kardashian Klan

363 days ago


More like a skank convention , gross fake cows

363 days ago


why would any woman want a huge fake fat ass ?

That amount of fat anywhere on any body part is gross but more so in the ass cus the ass has to be kept more hygenically sanitized from the poop germs that may be left around the crack causing infection and ass pimples.

i cant see how either of these woman can reach their ass crack with thier arms to wipe properly after using their ass for a bowel movement.

black chyna is estimated worth 500k and is 23 years old.. shouldnt kim be loitering with people her own age and her own income bracket ?

stupid pigs with money. i hope these two fat ass women just have a litter of kids and stay in hiding and grow their asses three times bigger than they are today. maybe one day kims ass will be so big that a person will have to pull her up by her arms from a seated position because she cant get up off a chair from her 300 pound fat weight on her ass.

fat anywhere is unhealthy.. especially and extra 75 pounds on each butt cheek.

i bet you by the time she is 45 and if she keeps wearing those huge stiletos carying that 300 pound ass with every step she takes, that she will have severe arthritis in her knees and hips and toes from all that fat ass with in four inch stiletos cramped.

363 days ago


that blonde wig is Sooo Hiddeous

. i just wish i was a kid running by on that street right where they are so i could yank that stupid fake wig off her head and keep running.. no way those fat asses could run after me in those shoes with much overweight fat ass weight they are carrying..

363 days ago



363 days ago


Well the black girl has butt implants for sure! She has to from the bare ass I saw over the weekend. Plus the right side looks like it's falling. Btw I thought Kim was staying inside till she got her body back! Just saying....

So I guess Tyga Chyna are back ups since Jay Z & Beyonce aren't interested lmao. Cracks me up how Kim acts like she's having important meetings since she fired mom! Ha

363 days ago


Why do black women all wear wigs. And the wigs are not at all natural. It kind of creeps me out.
Not a racist - seriously wondering - is it a style thing, or what?

363 days ago


Kim had a horrible body pre-pregnancy. She has no hope of even getting that back. She is now just "the fat one".
To quote the great Tom Leykis: "She's a piggy, piggy."

363 days ago
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