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Blake Griffin's Baby Mama

Gold Digger ... Or Not?

9/24/2013 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Blake Griffin is a father -- only problem ... the former USC basketball star Brynn Cameron he knocked up also has a kid with Matt Leinart. Some call her a gold digger -- but she may be an exception to rule ... and we'll tell you why.

Plus, Khloe Karadashian hit up a Hollywood club last night -- with Game. Is she starting her life after Lamar Odom? And is this too soon?

And, Steve-O is back at his old antics -- he joins us to explain why was at the bottom of an LAPD dog pile outside of Paul McCartney's concert in Hollywood.

(0:00) Blake Griffin is gonna have a kid -- via Matt Leinart's baby mama. Sound like a gold digger ... but she may have an out.
(6:00) Charlie Sheen goes in for jury duty -- would you ever let him judge you?
(10:00) Khloe Kardashian goes clubbing without Lamar Odom -- but they aren't done yet and we'll tell you why.
(14:00) Kevin Federline is drawing a line in the sand when it comes to his kids getting on stage with Britney in Vegas.
(18:00) Steve-O joins us to explain his latest stunt -- which had the LAPD all over him in Hollywood.
(24:00) Justin Bieber's pals Lil Za and Lil Twist have been kicked out -- so why is he denying it.
(27:00) Kanye West's interesting ... but tough to prove ... excuse to allegedly attacking a photographer.
(32:00) Leah Remini speaks out about Scientology on "Dancing with the Stars."
(34:00) MIA's defense against the NFL -- good point ... poor delivery.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Arnold Schwarzenegger's PDA with his new squeeze.

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Don't think it is legally joint custody w/Brit's kids. He is just generous with visitation.

363 days ago

Wow ...    

Oh Harvey, Brynn is simply attracted to athletes. I don't believe she has targeted anyone. Some women like businessmen, some are into blue collar, while others appreciate musicians. Athletes are just her type.

363 days ago

Wow ...    

I love Dax, but I have to disagree. Lamar smoking dope gives the wrong impression for a married man.

363 days ago

Wow ...    

Wow the COS sounds so loving. Makes me want to sign up...SMH. Can't believe Harvey actually said they were right. SHame on you - it is a cult and they brainwash people. I believe Leah - they do want her to fail to "warn" the others - don't leave!

363 days ago


Im thinking this "game" is of the dark persuasion

363 days ago

Kenneth McCoy-Torrence    

Seriously, what happened to Mike Walters? Did he just quit or something? TMZ is not the same without him. He's the my favorite cast member besides Ana.

363 days ago


I think Fat Mike has left the building. He was bringing the ratings down and couldn't abide by the rules of no cheeseburgers until TMZ Live was completed filming. Godspeed Mike....I hear MacDonald's is hiring.

362 days ago


Maybe Mike is on vacation or paternity leave. I hope he didn't leave TMZ. First Matt, then Max.

362 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

hahahaaha Only 13 comments on TMZ Live.

362 days ago

Flying Blind    

What's up Bubbles, no one watches any more. And the station that carries the afternoon TV show of TMZ Live is not even carried by my local Cable Company.

362 days ago


Harvey if M.I.A Middle finger is no big deal then why do you keep putting a black bar or blurring it out?

362 days ago

Flying Blind    

Welcome to the new BET/Sports site.

362 days ago


think Kfed got full custody of the kids when brittney went nuts so he has a say if they can wind up brittney does when she has them though they could ask sean preston what he wants to do for he is the one who is most effected by this thing. and chloe has a right to blow off steam and take her mind off of her troubles with Lamar and that includes going out and having fun, Justin took that intagram picture down because he got caught for he is not going to come out and say yes finaly sent the littles packing after so long of letting them get bye with things. or at least not make it public that the littles got the boot.

362 days ago


She's the definition of a *** dumpster.

362 days ago


Gold Digger is a term invented by looser men who want to guilt women into taking them even though they have nothing to offer. To become or stay rich takes characteristics that are appealing to a woman. The money is the result of the kind of man you are.

343 days ago

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